Forget the busy restaurants and bustling crowd. Treat Mum to some homemade white truffle pasta and the perfect wine this Mother’s Day in the comforts of your home! Here, our master sommelier Frank Kammer reveals what delicate wine harmonises best with these exclusive mushrooms.

Wine Pairing with Alba Truffle: Barolo

pasta with white truffle

With the idiosyncratic, beguiling scent, the Alba truffle is one of the most expensive delicacies on this planet. Just a few wafer-thin shavings are enough to conjure an exclusive feast for gourmets from a plate of buttered Tagliatelle or a simple risotto.

The Piedmontese wine region around the small town of Alba is home to the best white truffle in Italy. There, truffles are definitely best paired with a well-matured Barolo, the most famous red wine of this region. The earthy-sweet fragrance of the truffle aroma blends perfectly into the highly complex, but always autumnal earthy fruit of Barolo. However, if your truffle is served as a pasta dish, the powerfully spicy Barolo will not be the best choice.

Frank Kämmer’s Recommendation: A Full-Bodied Chardonnay

Instead, our master sommelier Frank Kammer recommends particularly full-bodied Chardonnays with expressive, ripe fruit and the typical Lohenote of Barrique expansion. These are often reminiscent of roasted nuts and brioche as well as warm baking spices. Particularly in California (but also in the warmer growing areas of South America) such monumental yet extremely smooth Chardonnays can be found, which can wonderfully accompany the intense truffle flavour.

The 2014 Chardonnay Adrianna White Stones Vineyard, Catena Zapata, Mendoza / Argentina blends perfectly with truffle pasta dishes.

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