Colourline CU 4313 Fridge Freezer

Put some colour in your kitchen with the popular Liebherr ColourLine series, now available in NeonOrange, KiwiGreen and FrozenBlue in the CN 4313 Fridge Freezer model (pictured above). In addition to their appearance, ColourLine appliances are particularly impressive because of their high-quality features and design. 

Quality. Design. Innovation. The fact that we attach such importance to these three features at Liebherr Domestic Appliances is once again superbly demonstrated in the ColourLine series.

Cool colours for a cool appliance

At first glance, Liebherr ColourLine appliances instantly impress primarily due to their appearance. The colourful surface, combined with the angular Hard-Line door, and the side recessed handle, creates a harmonious and sleek aesthetic, guaranteeing optimal integration into your kitchen environment whilst at the same time making a bold colour statement.

Top-quality features

The visual aesthetic isn’t the only thing that makes these Liebherr ColourLine combination appliances stand out. The true strength lies inside. ColourLine appliances will save you money, being in the energy efficiency class A++, and have the following impressive features:

NoFrost  The NoFrost system from Liebherr provides rapid, fan-assisted, frost-free freezing for the safe, long-term storage of food. The NoFrost technology allows a much larger storage capacity and keeps the freezer constantly frost-free.

DuoCooling  Accurate and independent temperature control of the fridge and freezer compartments is facilitated by DuoCooling: two separately adjustable cooling circuits. There is no air exchange between the fridge and freezer compartment, meaning odours cannot be transferred and the stored food is prevented from drying out.

LED lighting  The LED ceiling light creates a high-class ambience within the refrigerator. Its beautifully designed, space-efficient housing is centrally positioned to provide a delightfully even illumination.

Ergonomic handle  The ergonomic opening of the door is ensured thanks to the recessed grip on the side.

Bottle Shelving  The bottle shelves allow for an additional storage of bottles.

Finally, you may have thought: haven’t I seen colourful fridge freezers from Liebherr before? The answer is yes, indeed, the first in the ColourLine series (pictured below) were the extremely popular CU 3311 combination series and are still available today, along with the CTP2121 Comfort range.

Colourline CU 3311 Fridge Freezer

The ColourLine range is also available in FireRed, WaterBlue and AvocadoGreen in the CU 3311 model (pictured above).

If you have any questions about the Liebherr ColourLine series or other appliances please feel free to contact us! Simply comment on this post or initiate a discussion with us on Facebook.

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