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As every aficionado knows, wine should be stored in a cool, dark place. But why is that? And, furthermore, what happens if you don’t store wine in the cool and dark?

Wine is simply an amazing drink. On the one hand, it is one of the few consumables that can be stored for many years, decades even, and improve in quality over that time; and yet, on the other hand, a few seemingly harmless rays of light can adversely affect this seemingly stable liquid. There is certainly good reason behind part two of the advice that wine should be stored in a cool, dark place: a wine’s fruitiness will deteriorate under the influence of light, in a relatively short period of time.

Liebherr wine storage cabinets all come with UV-protection glass

Liebherr wine storage cabinets all come with UV-protection glass

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted to investigate the effect of light on wine and they all highlight the immensely damaging effects of short wave UV radiation. Notably, in 2007, the prestigious Geisenheim University, in the Rheingau region, published a study that showed that the flavour of white and rosé wine stored in clear glass bottles can deteriorate significantly after only four months exposure to light. Storage in brown glass bottles offered protection from deterioration under normal lighting conditions but, under conditions of intensive light exposure or longer storage, deterioration was again apparent. So the message is clear, if you don’t have a dark cellar where you can store your wines, you should seek alternative UV-protection for your valuable stores; and especially protection from the high-energy radiation emitted by fluorescent lighting, which can have an appreciable effect on wine quality in a relatively short period of time. Liebherr’s wine storage cabinets offer the perfect solution: their doors on are fitted with UV-protection glass.

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