Liebherr Monolith IFA 2018

Monolith from Liebherr Appliances

Under the motto “New Thinking”, Liebherr Appliances presented innovative ideas and products covering more than 1,850 m2 at the International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin from 31 August until 5 September 2018.  Monolith, MyStyle, digitisation and customisation are the keywords. 

“New Thinking – cooling redefined”

Liebherr presented, for the first time in Germany, the new Monolith generation at IFA 2018 under the motto “New Thinking – cooling redefined”. With its gigantic dimensions (213.4 cm tall), Monolith marks the beginning of a new era in the world of cooling and freezing. For example, the fridges (61 cm or 76 cm wide) can be combined as needed with either of the two freezers (46 cm or 61 cm wide). In addition, this space miracle is equipped with large drawers – in the freezer and in the fridge compartment.

The highlight of the new Monolith series is surely its complex design. High-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminium in the interior, but also the possibility of integrating kitchen-specific door panels (for example for designer kitchens), make Monolith the heart of the kitchen.

“New Thinking – for long lasting food freshness”

Liebherr presented BioFresh solutions for every need at IFA 2018 in Berlin.

Under this motto, Liebherr presents the fresh world of BioFresh – for all needs. At the fair stand, Liebherr presented BioFresh models for storing food at just over 0 °C as well as a fish & seafood safe, where the temperature can be cooled down to -2 °C if necessary. This means that the bacterial growth is reduced by up to 50% and the storage time is extended by 30 – 100%, depending on the type of fish. With the side-by-side appliance with a spacious cooling and freezing compartment as well as three BioFresh drawers, Liebherr revealed the ideal appliance for those who need plenty of space and for large-scale shopping.

Liebherr BioFresh Storage

“New Thinking – customised solutions”

In this area, Liebherr presented combinable fridges and freezers at the IFA 2018. Thanks to heated side walls and/or ceilings, they can be put together according to personal preferences to create an individual freshness centre with different climate zones. Depending on the size of the kitchen, there are endless combination possibilities. The modular SBS solutions enable creative kitchen design and can be combined both next to and on top of one another. At IFA, Liebherr presented seven options for putting together an individual freshness centre.

“New Thinking – for your individual lifestyle”

With MyStyle, the fridge becomes a unique design object.

Customised products are completely on trend. Under the motto “New Thinking – for your individual lifestyle”, Liebherr offers the unique opportunity to design fridges just the way you envisioned them with MyStyleThe appliances can be designed online by means of a configurator. You can select from a myriad of colours and patterns – but individual letterings and personal photos can also help to spruce up the fridge. A wide range of different storage racks, lighting solutions and door variants mean that eye-catching elements can also be introduced on the inside of the MyStyle appliances. In future, should you want a new favourite photo or a new trendy colour, a “cover” can be applied to the Kcu appliance in just a few simple steps. And this can also be individually designed in the configurator.

More about MyStyle in the video:

“New Thinking – smarter food organisation”

The Liebherr SmartDeviceBox is the key to modern food management.

Thanks to the integration of the SmartDeviceBox in fridge-freezers and wine coolers, Liebherr appliances will be operated using the SmartDevice app via mobile phone. Integration of appliances in the Amazon voice service Alexa will make them more intuitive to use than ever before. Even fully automatic operation is possible, for example by using IFTTT. But the app can do significantly more, representing the key to modern food management.

The contents of your fridge can be recognised automatically from a database consisting of approximately 3,500 products, including nutritional information. All that’s needed for this is the shopping list. With a simple “swipe” to the right on your smartphone, the products land directly in your inventory after purchase. Therefore, the ingredients for approximately 1,000 recipes in the app can be automatically compared with the food in your fridge. The shopping list basically creates itself.

With the integration of the Liebherr FridgeCam powered by Smarter, it is always possible to take a look inside the fridge, wherever you are. Modular integration of the camera in the door and inside the fridge is possible. Each time the door is closed, the FridgeCam photographs the interior and then sends the image to an image recognition system. Optical food recognition is currently being developed, with the intention that this will automate the creation of shopping lists in the future.

Unique design by Liebherr

One of the latest appliance innovations is the “PaintingArt” series. The premium look with an abstract surface impresses whilst inside there’s an A+++ energy efficiency rating alongside NoFrost and DuoCooling technology. Furthermore, Liebherr displayed the three latest ColourLine colours: Neon Orange, Kiwi Green and Frozen Blue, as well as another fridge-freezer combination in a stainless steel look.

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