The shopping’s done and you’ve got a party or get-together later today. Your food and drinks haven’t reached the right temperature for serving yet, so, what do you do? Read on to discover the benefits of Liebherr’s SuperCool function.

How to bring food and drink to serving temperature quickly

Preparations for a party are usually done the day before, saving you time whilst also allowing your buffet enough time to chill properly. However, sometimes there isn’t time: perhaps you’ve decided to throw a spontaneous party this evening or you decided to buy more food and drinks. How do you get your supplies to the right temperature in time?

SuperCool from Liebherr – perfect for a party

This is where the Liebherr SuperCool function is a real bonus. Depending on the appliance, this automatic feature reduces the refrigerator temperature to +2°C, +3°C or +4°C for 12, 9, 6, or 3 hours. At these temperatures, food doesn’t freeze but it is cooled as quickly as possible which is ideal for quickly chilling freshly stored food. Set your fridge to SuperCool mode before you head to the shops and it’ll be the ideal temperature to rapidly cool food when you get back home. On Liebherr’s Blu Performance appliances, the remaining time is indicated via the electronic display.

SuperCool by Liebherr

Other benefits of cooling with SuperCool:

  • Any temperature fluctuations in a refrigerator can affect the quality of stored foods. For example, when ‘warm’ food is introduced into the fridge. This is not an issue with the automated SuperCool function as the low temperature (+2°C, +3°C or +4°C depending on the appliance) and the speed at which items are cooled prevents such fluctuations.
  • Once the automated SuperCool function is activated the refrigerator will automatically revert back to its normal operating temperature after a set time period, depending on the model. There’s no need to switch the function off again, so there’s nothing for you to worry about!

So, as you can see, there’s a real benefit in using Liebherr’s automated SuperCool function to really help you get your party started or otherwise bring your food and drinks to the perfect temperature as quickly as possible.   

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