Some food pairings complement each other so well that they optimise our supply of nutrients. Find out which they are here.




Not only should the flavours of different foods go together well – but also what these foods contain. This is because by combining ingredients correctly, you not only get a tasty dish but also maximise your intake of nutrients. The following article will tell you which food combos maximise their positive effect on your body, and what healthy eating actually means.

Increasing numbers of people want to eat healthily. What does healthy actually mean? Basically speaking, a healthy diet contains all of the nutrients our body needs to maintain its function. These are contained in plant-based products such as fruit and vegetables but also in animal products such as meat or milk. However, these days there is a great deal more involved. Many consumers, for example, are focused on their diet being healthy for the climate. Healthy is no longer seen as just good for our body but also good for the environment. This involves fewer animal products and instead more regional fruit and vegetables which are also in season. It is really important for those either partially or entirely avoiding animal products to ensure an effective intake of nutrients. Using these five power combos, there’s nothing to stop you eating healthily for your body and for the climate.

Orange juice and spinach for an increased iron intake

Iron is contained in many foods such as spinach, oatmeal or lamb’s lettuce. The trouble is that iron from plant-based products is harder to obtain for the body than haem iron from animal products. However, by combining oats with a glass of orange juice or fresh fruit for breakfast, you are increasing your iron intake fourfold. This is due to the vitamin C content. Vegetarians and vegans in particular should therefore be aware of smart combinations when it comes to food containing iron.

Guacamole and bruschetta protect your cells

Unbelievable but true! It’s time to celebrate if you’re a fan of Mexican guacamole. Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, one of the cell protecting substances. The darker that tomato, the more lycopene it contains. Antioxidants prevent cardiovascular disease, strengthen the immune system and can even lower the risk of cancer. The only snag is that lycopene can only be absorbed in combination with fat. Since avocados contain plenty of polyunsaturates, they are the ideal counterpart in this case. However, if you don’t like avocados or avoid them due to the long distances involved in transportation, you can also opt for olive oil. The simple preparation of bruschetta with tomatoes and a splash of olive oil will boost your nutrient intake. For those wishing to fill their fridge with tomatoes: vegetables will keep in the EasyFresh safe in your Liebherr refrigerator for up to 16 days.

Carrots and olive oil for more provitamin A

The provitamin A contained in carrots is one of the fat-soluble vitamins. This means the same applies here – whether boiled, roasted or raw, always add a splash of olive oil. Our secret tip: if you like making smoothies with carrots, always add in a drop of olive oil. The taste stays the same and the vitamin A is now a lot easier to absorb. Your eyes, hair and mucous membranes will thank you for this in particular. Carrots, incidentally, will keep in the BioFresh compartment of your Liebherr fridge for up to 80 days!



Improved supply of protein from potatoes with herb quark

Vegetarians and vegans also need to heed the following! If you want to optimise your supply of protein, you should look out for a high biological value. But, what does that actually mean? The biological value states how much of the protein digested is converted into proteins in your own body. A hen’s egg is the top performer with the value of 100, followed by pork with 85 and soya with 81. With careful combinations you can even increase the biological value beyond this and do so without any animal products at all! You’re probably already familiar with a lot of these pairings. For example, how about jacket potatoes combined with herb quark or beans combined with sweet corn?

Garlic bread increases your iron and zinc

Is garlic bread really part of a healthy diet? Yes, really! If you’re baking a loaf of bread or baguette from wholemeal flour, we recommend adding garlic or onions. Why? Vegetables containing sulphur such as onions or garlic slow down the otherwise rapid excretion of zinc and iron contained in the wholemeal flour. This gives the body more time to absorb the trace elements.

Obviously when looking after your health you need to consider your entire diet. In many other FreshMAG articles you will find inspiration for a varied diet using ingredients which are fresh and rich in nutrients.



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