Smells from the fridge are not always pleasant. Chilled apple tart may well fill the kitchen with a simply wonderful aroma – however, the smell coming from an alpine cheese is generally less well received. It’s even more unpleasant if you can’t work out or even identify where the bad smell in the fridge is coming from. We’ll tell you what you need to do.

Avoid stale air

There are some simple steps you can take to prevent your fridge from smelling unpleasant:

* Always enclose strong smelling food. Be sure to use plastic or glass containers. Cardboard packaging, such as egg boxes, quickly takes on the odour of the food around it. It is therefore better to use egg storage trays. * Clean your fridge every four weeks. Here we tell you the quickest way to get it clean.

* If the fridge is switched off, the door must be left open. Otherwise this will also lead to bad smells.

* Make sure no liquids escape. These might otherwise find their way into the defrost water drain and then accumulate in the defrost water receptacle. If something tips over, rinse out the drain hole immediately with water and d

etergent. In most cases, the drain hole is on the back wall above the vegetable drawer or the BioFresh safe.

* Appliances with a FreshAir activated charcoal filter always provide optimal air quality – bad smells have no chance if the filter is changed regularly.

* DuoCooling prevents smells transferring from the freezer compartment into the fridge compartment and vice versa.

How to get Rid of Bad Smells in your Fridge

If you are met with an unpleasant odour when you open the fridge door or if your appliance even smells when it’s closed, then action urgently needs to be taken. The following checklist will help you to quickly get fresh air back into your kitchen:

* Place a bowl of coffee in the fridge. In some cases this absorbs the bad odour.

* Soft rubber parts acquire unpleasant odours particularly quickly. Therefore, replace rubber seals if necessary. To do this, contact our spare parts shop on 01 4600064

* Dirt may conceal itself underneath the decorative edges of the glass shelves. Remove these and then clean the decorative edges with a damp cloth. Do not loosen the decorative edges immediately. First, soak the complete glass shelf in warm water.

* A bad odour may also come from the drain hole for the condensation water. Therefore, clean the drain hole with water and detergent. Damp cotton buds or bottle cleaners are ideal for getting at the dirt more easily.

A bowl of ground coffee may help to absorb bad odours

Now only the experts can help.

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