Despite years of experience and working hours in the kitchen, many people end up making some unexpected mistakes in this part of the home. Today we have gathered 7 of the most popular kitchen gaffers. Considering 7 is a very small number to begin with but as they say cooking has its own style and each one has their own. So let us see the 7 most common mistakes and what we can do for them.

1. Storing Fruits and Vegetables together in the refrigerator.

This has been the most common practice in every Indian household. We make most of the space and even though most refrigerators are designed or have two separate components to segregate them we yet end up storing them together.
Some fruits such as apples and bananas emit more ethylene that can cause vegetables to mature prematurely and spoil.

2. Fruits & Vegetables in the same drawer

Most refrigerators have two specially designed drawers for fruit and vegetables. And instead of putting them together, separate them separately. Some fruits such as apples and bananas emit more ethylene that can cause vegetables to mature prematurely and spoil.
Although we are used to keeping the tomatoes and stone fruits (peaches, plums, nectarines) in the refrigerator, the better option is to leave them cool outside, as the low temperature will turn their texture into an unpleasant mess, and their taste will be defoliated.

If you have a Liebherr refrigerator equipped with BioFresh technology, you can safely leave it in the refrigerator because the fruit and vegetable compartment is designed to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity of the air suitable for fruit and vegetables.

3. Storing hot food in plastic containers

Many plastic bottles contain chemicals that lead to endocrine disorders such as BPA and BPS, which are also associated with obesity, reproductive problems and a bunch of other unpleasant things.
The problem here comes when we put in the still hot food – just fried fish, sparkling spaghetti, the delicious hot dish you just dropped from the hot plate. It helps chemicals penetrate into your food. In fact, one study found that plastic cans emit the BPA chemical 55 times faster when the plastic container is exposed to warm water when compared to the room temperature water. The solution is simple: instead of plastic storage containers, grab a glass or ceramic that does not contain the chemicals mentioned above. Or let the hot food cool down and then put it in the plastic dish.

4. Spices from the Bottom of the Jar

Herbs and spices are sometimes expensive and not everyone easily agrees to throw away a few of them when they are left on the bottom. But when they stand for a year or more, their taste begins to disappear. And while they are still safe to consume, spices without flavor are a retreat to the goal of preparing a really delicious and tasty meal. Unless you are obsessed with curry powder or turmeric, you will hardly use a whole jar before the spices lose their strength. To keep your taste and always have the strongest flavor – buy spices in smaller quantities. For storage, take the smallest glass jars and keep them tightly closed away from sources of heat or direct sunlight, factors that can make their taste fade faster.

5. Do not open the oven permanently while baking

Nobody wants to burn his lasagna or miss the moment when the moussaka must be laid, but constant peeking in the oven is not a good idea. Opening the door allows much of the heat in the oven to come out and thus reduce the required degrees for optimum baking. This way your food will be cooked longer and less evenly. Instead, if the oven window is not enough for you to watch, stick to the opening one time in the middle of the cooking.

6. Do not store too much food in the top of the refrigerator
If you do not have much space in the refrigerator, its top is a good place to store foods that do not require so low temperatures.
As you know, each refrigerator also delivers heat, and this heat has the property of rising upwards. This means that at most conventional cooling units in the upper part the temperature is higher and the food can break down faster. If you have a Liebherr refrigerator equipped with Power Cooling technology, the temperature will be uniform throughout the unit and the top will be as cold as the bottom.

The powerful PowerCooling system also takes care of the quick cooling of stored products, and, as we have already mentioned, for a consistent cooling temperature throughout the interior, even though the heat rises upwards. The FreshAir activated carbon filter integrated in the system fan also purifies the air and filters out the odors.

6. Baking your favorite vegetables at high temperature: 

Perhaps you think the hot, hot oven is key to getting a crispy texture of Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or pumpkin? If your oven is too hot you risk burning the vegetables outside before cooking inside. Of course, there is not the perfect universal temperature at which to prepare all the vegetables, but you can try with no more than 200 degrees. Preparation depends also on the size and thickness of the vegetables – the thicker potatoes you want to bake in the oven will take longer than the young green beans. Another tip: do not overfill the vegetable tray. Give a small amount of space to each piece to make your dreamlike crunchy and well-baked vegetable.

7. Do not wash fruits and vegetables unless you eat them

Do not wash the fruits or vegetables unless you eat them right away. If you wash them and put them in the refrigerator, you risk mold or break up faster. The solution is simple: wash the fruits and vegetables immediately before eating or cooking. There is one exception – the mushrooms. Because their structure is porous, they literally drink the water, absorbing it just like a sponge (hence this phrase comes from). Therefore, when you decide to use fresh cooking mushrooms, do not wash them, but clean them with a damp cloth. If you do wash them, dry them with kitchen paper before you start cooking them.

Have missed out any mistakes? Do let us know in the comment section. Share your experiences with us and everyone!

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