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Many women do it and some men too, and not just in summer… they store their cosmetics in the refrigerator!

Natural beauty comes from within, as the saying goes. However, for those who like a little helping hand to nurture and enhance the beauty of their skin, mouth, nails and eyes, and for those who like to pamper themselves, cosmetics products – creams, liquids, lipsticks, and lotions – have plenty to offer.

We all know that food is fresh for longer in the refrigerator than elsewhere. This is because a cool environment slows down chemical processes. And so, the question arises: does this also hold true for cosmetics too?

Firstly, we have to acknowledge that these days, most industrially manufactured products are designed in such a way that they do not need to be kept cool; many can cope with storage temperatures of up to 40°C. Many cosmetics manufacturers go through the process of testing this temperature stability of their products before they go to market – including freezing and defrosting cosmetics. However, despite having good temperature stability, lipsticks can sometimes become soft and melt at higher temperatures. Nowadays, many people are actually choosing to cool their cosmetic products in the refrigerator even though they, in no way, have to.

In the case of homemade organic or natural cosmetics, most of which are free from preservatives, refrigeration is required to keep the products fresh. Many customers also store perfumes and deodorants in the refrigerator, which has a clear benefit as the products are wonderfully cooling to the skin when applied during hot summer days.

Irrespective of whether your cosmetics are purchased or homemade, Liebherr offers you great-looking appliances that gently refrigerates your products. The shelves are height adjustable so that tubs, bottles and tubes of any size can be easily and clearly stored, ready for when they’re needed. Furthermore, with a noise level of just 38 dB(A), the appliance is extremely quiet.


The Liebherr CoolMini CMes 502 – not only great for storing drinks and snacks but also ideal for your cosmetics!

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