A cute, orange ball with a citrusy flavour, kumquat (pronounced as: kuhm-kwat) was originally grown in China. In Chinese, the name of this oval-shaped fruit means ‘golden orange’ and kumquats are often called the ‘little gems of the citrus family.’ The skin of this fruit is edible and has a sweet flavour, but the inside has a sour flavour that is enough to make you shut your eyes and have that “too sour” expression plastered on your face.

Small, but mighty
This tiny fruit can be used as a core ingredient in a number of different recipes. First up, we can craft a tangy jam or marmalade with kumquat as the core ingredient. Spread this jam on toast and you’re all set to enjoy a wholesome breakfast! We can even add this fruit to salads and enjoy that refreshing taste. Next, in your list of delicious fruit cakes, be sure to add a kumquat cake. The fruit renders a delicious citrusy taste to the cake. One of the most common ways to savour this fruit is to mix it with sugar and water and cook the mixture. The candied kumquats can be added to a cake icing, enjoyed alone, or can be used as ice cream topping, the flavour tastes delicious either way!

Orange & healthy
Just like its adult version orange, kumquat is rich in Vitamin A and C which help in maintaining good eye health and glowing skin, respectively. This citrus fruit is juicy, with high water content,  rich in fibre and has low-calorie content. Hence, it may look tiny but is quite filling! This makes it a good snack to control weight gain. Moreover, since this fruit is an excellent source of fibre, it helps maintain digestive health and control blood sugar levels.

Spot the right kumquat
The best kumquats are the ones that have bright orange skin and should feel firm when touched. Moreover, if this jewel-shaped fruit has its green crown, that is, leaves attached to the top, then know that the fruit’s fresher! If you’re at a grocery store, buying kumquats be sure to walk past this fruit if it has a soft exterior as it means that the fruit is overripe and will rot very soon.

Keep the baby comfy
Kumquats can stay fresh for a few days when left outside to mingle with the other fruits in the bowl. But, to preserve it for more time, refrigerate it in a sealed container. Store this fruit in Liebherr’s EasyFresh Drawer to keep its freshness intact for a longer period of time!