In the heart of every home, the refrigerator stands as a beacon of freshness and a canvas for your culinary creativity. To truly master the art of fresh keeping, you must know what belongs inside its cool confines and what is best left outside.
In the world of Liebherr refrigerators, achieving the perfect balance between order and freshness is not about science, it’s simply an art.

The inside story:

Your refrigerator is not just a chilly storage box but, it’s a haven for freshness preservation. The inner sanctum of a Liebherr fridge is meticulously designed to maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring that your food stays fresh. From crispers for fruits and vegetables to specialized compartments for meats and dairy, each section is crafted with precision to cater to the unique needs of different food items.

What Belongs:

1. Fruits and Vegetables: The crispers are your allies in preserving the crispiness of veggies and the juiciness of fruits. Keep them in their drawers with coem with a EasyFresh Technology that adjusting humidity levels as needed.

2. Dairy: Milk, cheese, and yogurt have found their home in the dedicated dairy compartment. The IceCreamBox ans FlexiDrawers ensures that your dairy delights stay cool without freezing and frosting.

3. Meats: From succulent steaks to marinated chicken, the FreshBox maintains a perfect balance of temperature and humidity, keeping your meats fresh and flavourful.

4. Beverages: The door shelves and the CoolPack are the perfect spot for your drinks. Whether it’s refreshing juices, a chilled bottle of water, or your favourite beverage, they are always within arm’s reach.

Outside the box:

1. Hot Foods: Let your leftovers cool down to room temperature before placing them in the fridge. Placing hot food directly inside can raise the overall temperature, affecting the freshness of other items.

2. Bread: The fridge might seem like a logical place to keep bread fresh, but it can actually accelerate the staling process. Store your bread at room temperature to maintain its softness.

3. Certain Fruits: While most fruits love the crisper, ethylene-producing fruits like apples and bananas can accelerate the ripening of other fruits and vegetables. Keep them separate to avoid premature ripening.

4. Wet Containers: Avoid placing wet containers directly into the fridge. Moisture build up can lead to bacterial growth. Wipe down containers and dry them before storing.

Maximize your fridge’s efficiency:
Beyond the realms of what goes in and what stays out, Fridge Wisdom extends to maximizing efficiency. Arrange items strategically to ensure optimal airflow and temperature distribution. Place frequently used items within easy reach and keep an eye on expiration dates to minimize food waste.

Why Liebherr:
Liebherr’s refrigerators take Fridge Wisdom to a new level with advanced features like BioFresh technology, which maintains the optimal humidity level for fresh produce, extending its shelf life.
Smart compartments and customizable storage options empower you to organize your fridge based on your unique lifestyle and culinary preferences.


In the world of Liebherr refrigerators, Fridge’s insides is not just a guide, it’s a philosophy. It’s about understanding the importance of freshness, appreciating the science of preservation, and embracing the art of organization.
As you open the door to your Liebherr fridge, remember, it’s not just a cooling appliance but also your partner in freshness and a keeper of flavours and a preserver of nutrition. So, equip yourself with Liebherr’s fridge and see how it transforms the way you experience freshness in every bite.