Step: 1/8

Peel and wash the potatoes.

Step: 2/8

Grate and season with salt and pepper.

Step: 3/8

Squeeze well to remove the excess liquid.

Step: 4/8

Place one quarter of the potatoes in a hot pan with 1 tsp clarified butter and press flat.

Step: 5/8

Fry over a low heat until the rösti is lightly browned. Turn and brown on the other side.

Step: 6/8

Wash and slice the tomatoes. Season the minced meat with salt, pepper and paprika. Cover the rösti on one half with a few slices of tomato and a quarter of the minced meat.

Step: 7/8

Slice the cheese. Put a quarter of the cheese slices on top of the minced meat.

Step: 8/8

Fold the rösti over the filling, then slide it onto a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray. Repeat to make 3 more rösti. Put the tray with the stuffed rösti in the oven and cook at 220°C (200°C fan, gas 7) for 10 minutes.