Liebherr’s built-in appliances can be integrated into kitchens in two ways: using door-on-door or sliding door installation. Converting a sliding door format to a door-on-door format is also extremely easy.

These are the two methods that ensure built-in Liebherr appliances are seamlessly integrated into your kitchen to create a visually uniform appearance.

Door-on-door installation

With door-on-door installation, the kitchen unit and appliance doors are firmly connected with direct attachment of the unit door to the appliance door. The refrigerator door, therefore, bears the weight of the unit door.

Sliding door installation

In the case of sliding door installation, the unit door is directly attached to the unit using hinges and connected to the appliance door using sliding rails. When opened and closed, the unit door slides along the rails. The weight of the unit doors is borne by the hinges on the kitchen unit; the weight of the appliance door is borne by the refrigerator’s own hinges.

It’s a straightforward process to replace an old sliding door system with a new Liebherr door-on-door system. To do so, simply remove all the hinges from the kitchen unit door. The ‘naked’ kitchen unit door can then be directly attached to the refrigerator door using the door-on-door installation aid. The weight of the kitchen unit door is borne by the refrigerator. With regards to appearance: when closed, sliding door and door-on-door appliances look identical.

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