Small, yet highly effective devices: the levelling bars on Liebherr’s built-in refrigerators ensure optimum alignment so that the door closes perfectly. Food can be stored safely and energy-efficiency is maximised– year on year. And, of course, they ensure that nothing shakes or wobbles about inside the unit!

Liebherr built-in refrigerators offer optimum ease-of-installation for perfect-looking kitchens – and, as a premium manufacturer, this is something that we guarantee our customers. Liebherr built-in appliances come with discretely concealed 4-point attachment: the fronts of the built-in appliances are firmly screwed to the kitchen unit at the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right to provide excellent attachment. Height-adjustable positioning feet prevent the appliances from being ‘suspended in the air’ and provide additional stability and superb alignment. In addition to the 4-point attachment system, insertion depth stops further ensure optimum alignment and positioning within the built-in kitchen unit. And, on top of all this, there is another little device to guarantee perfect integration: the levelling bars!


Essentially, the quality of the wooden kitchen unit can affect the installation of the Liebherr refrigerator – unfortunately, it’s not the other way round! – and this is where the levelling bars come in. Levelling bars also contribute to the perfect positioning of your Liebherr refrigerator, so that the door always closes perfectly and optimal refrigeration performance is achieved over the long term. Over the years, it’s possible that wooden (chipboard) kitchen units may become distorted as a result of moisture. This can cause the built-in refrigerator to drop or lift, which may mean that the appliance door no longer closes properly, leading to decreased efficiency or ice in the interior. The levelling bars, which are inserted under the appliance during its initial installation, can be used to compensate for any unevenness between the appliance and the floor. By the way, taller Liebherr appliances designed for niches of 140 cm or higher have two levelling bars on the left and right of the base. Levelling bars can be ordered as spare parts for smaller appliances.

To see how to correctly install and use the levelling bars, please click to view our video.
A detailed explanation of the installation process can be viewed from 05:46 onwards.

As you can see, Liebherr developers are always thinking ahead and considering everything in depth – all so that you can enjoy your refrigerator for many years, with great convenience, and thanks in part to the levelling bars – small devices, yet highly effective!

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