Step: 1/8

Wash and peel the cucumber.

Step: 2/8

Using a vegetable peeler, shalve off 12-14 thin slices from all around the cucumber, so that only the inner part with the seeds in is left.

Step: 3/8

Lay the cucumber strips on a plate and salt lightly.

Step: 4/8

Wash the basil, shake dry, reserve a few leaves for garnishing and cut the rest into fine strips.

Step: 5/8

Cut the turkey breast into fine strips. Cut the peppers into strips. Mix both with the basil.

Step: 6/8

Pat dry the cucumber slices.

Step: 7/8

Place 3-4 slices of cucumber slightly overlapping each other.

Step: 8/8

Spread some pepper and turkey filling on the cucumber slices, then roll up. Repeat with the remaining ingredients and garnish with the reserved basil.