Those who receive an invitation to a festive dinner party these days often face the problem of what to bring as a gift. A bottle of wine is always a good solution and is always welcome but which one should you choose?

If possible, a wine as a present should have an attractive history to it, so that it stands apart from all the rest and is perceived as an individual product. Maybe there are interesting things to be told about the winemaker or the vineyard? Even better is having your own personal relationship with a wine. Maybe because you discovered it during your last holiday in Italy – or you know a local winemaker whose wine you truly value? But don’t forget that a wine gift also tells a story about the person giving the wine. A personal, individual selection shows an appreciation towards the recipient. However a champagne from the discount store would be one example to the contrary: Even if it were a well-made product, it wouldn’t necessarily be the best choice to express appreciation towards the recipient.

What can you give if you hardly know the host?

With one of the great classics, you err on the side of caution. A red Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chateauneuf-du-Pape or Barolo may be a rather conservative and perhaps unoriginal choice, but it’s a solid choice.

What if the host only drinks wine on occasion?

Here it’s important to find a good balance between accessibility and a certain level of standard. What’s more, the bottle should make the person curious, so that it doesn’t just disappear immediately into the cellar, but rather sampled as soon as possible – at least once. Many wines from the so-called New World, for example, wines from California, Chile or Australia, are usually very appealing and interesting even for inexperienced wine drinkers.

What if they are a wine connoisseur or wine lover?

Champagne Cork Popping

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of champagne. The big, well-known brands almost automatically guarantee quality and prestige. But it doesn’t always have to be champagne. A fine Crémant from Alsace, Burgundy or the Loire Valley will also delight the heart of a connoisseur.

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