We take it for granted that the FIFO principle is used when storing food in restaurants. This is particularly important when it comes to fresh produce. However, we sometimes forget that it should also apply to wine storage in restaurants.

What is the FIFO principle?

“First in, first out” means that the products bought or produced first should also be the first to be removed from stock. This is a basic principle in the restaurant trade when it comes to storing food. However, when replenishing stocks of wine in refrigerators at the buffet, at the bar or in the service cellar, it can be neglected by those responsible. In most cases, the reason for this is purely and simply convenience. This is because, in order to avoid taking out the remaining stock, they often fill up from the front or the top instead of from the back or the bottom.

Wine storage restaurants

Wine can also go off

In the case of wine, people are also less aware that the product is perishable. After all, unlike other types of food, wines can be stored, can’t they? Contrary to what is often assumed, however, a conventional beverage refrigerator is certainly not suitable for long-term storage. This can only be guaranteed with no loss of quality in an appropriate cellar or in specific wine storage appliances. It is only under such circumstances that you can expect vibration-free conditions, constant refrigeration temperatures and optimal humidity. Consistently replenishing stock in accordance with the FIFO principle is, therefore, together with correct storage, a tool for ensuring quality in the wine service sector and helps to avoid anything being “killed off” in the fridge.

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