Liebherr wine cabinets are renowned and trusted the world over for the perfect storage conditions the combination of precision control temperature electronics, an active charcoal filter, UV resistant glass and untreated beechwood shelves creates. We call it the ultimate wine storage solution.

There is nothing accidental about the use of natural handcrafted untreated beechwood shelves in a Liebherr wine cabinet. Liebherr also did not forget to stain the wooden shelving- this is a choice.

Why Are Liebherr Beechwood Shelves Left Untreated?

The shelves play an important function for the air quality in a Liebherr wine cabinet. Air quality is key to the development and maturation of wine. Our natural, handcrafted, untreated beechwood shelves release no chemical aromas into the environment which could adversely influence the wines’ flavors. Wooden shelves reduce vibrations that would otherwise impact the wine, which means sediments are not disturbed. The wine can develop in peace.

Almost all Liebherr wine cellars are fitted with telescopic rails to allow easy viewing and access to your wine bottles. The front of the wooden shelves can host label holders, so you can write which variety resides where in your cellar. A small design element to assist with the ease of use. Selected models feature a wooden presentation shelf. Folded down in part, it allows inclined storage of open bottles or presentation of a sentimental, prized possession or unique wine bottle.

Liebherr’s natural untreated beechwood shelves look and present beautifully. They are just one piece of the puzzle that, once complete, produces the ultimate wine storage solution.