“Yeah, yeah, yeah”, the legendary Beatles once sang and you are not wrong for wondering wondering what this has to do with mushrooms. Well, in Liebherr’s home country of Germany, the hairstyle of everyone’s favorite band from Liverpool isn’t known as the mop-top or Arthur. It is called “Pilzkopf”, or mushroom head, and some Germans even refer to the band members that way.


Anyway, now you know this and one day there will be a German themed trivia quiz where it will come in handy, but back to mushrooms – one of our favorite… uhm, yeah, what exactly? The fruiting body of a fungus is what they are and though neither meat nor vegetable, mushrooms are often referred to as the meat of vegetables. Maybe because it is a delightful substitute for meat for vegetarians. There are so many recipes which would be bland without adding them. Other than eating, mushrooms also provide for a little outdated, but still fun leisure activity – mushroom hunting can be fun, though be careful: Not all mushrooms are for consumption and their toxicity can range from unpleasant symptoms to lethal.

Check out some storage tips & food facts we have collected for you!


Because mushrooms are extremely sensitive to pressure, they don’t keep well when stored pressed tightly together.

Fresh mushrooms keep for up to three days in a fridge – or up to seven days in Liebherr refrigerators with BioFresh technology.

Food Facts


Heading off into the woods and pushing through the undergrowth on the lookout for mushrooms is great fun for young and old. But you need to be very careful: only pick mushrooms that you can clearly identify as being edible. A mushroom identification guide will be an invaluable resource for you. Keep your hands off any mushrooms that you cannot confirm are edible! Luckily as with anything there is an app for that! Head to your smartphone’s app store and search for ‘Mushroom’. Some guides work offline – perfect if you are out of network coverage.

Please always wear sensible clothing, stay hydrated and make sure you familiarize yourself with the wildlife in the area!


The best way to remove dirt from mushrooms is to use a piece of slightly dampened kitchen roll. The stems can be scraped clean with a knife. If the mushrooms are particularly dirty they can be washed briefly in a bowl, drained using a strainer and then laid on a piece of kitchen paper and patted dry.


Dried mushrooms can be used as a natural seasoning. To dry mushrooms slice them thinly and spread them out on a baking tray. In a fan oven, at about 170°F, the mushrooms will dry out in about two hours. Leave them to cool completely and then store them in an airtight container until you want to use them for seasoning.