A refrigerator doesn’t just cool your perishables and drinks. Sometimes it plays a cool part in a movie, too. From classics, trashy horror, cult experimental movies, erotic 80s movies, to comedy: Herer are some of the movies in which a refrigerator plays a more or less prominent part.


Lingerie care in the Hays code era: The fact she’s wearing underwear comes in handy for the movie’s most famous scene.

It’s a hot summer in New York and when Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) invites The Girl (Marilyn Monroe) to come down for a drink, she tells him she’ll run to the kitchen to get dressed. Because OBVIOUSLY she is keeping her undies in her ice box. Later on in the film she also proposes that placing a fan inside her fridge and keeping it open should help her cool down. As specialists in refrigeration we feel it’s our duty to tell you that this is a terrible idea.

KITCHEN (1965)

Things happen in the kitchen.

“A feature length film by Andy Warhol that entirely takes place in the kitchen of sound man Bud Wirtschafter”. A rather optimistic attempt to provide a synopsis for this experimental film that loses the plot as it goes along. By the end of this gem’s 70 minutes, Gerard Malanga grabbing a soda from the fridge before the film ends will make perfect sense.


“I’ll have the delivery menu, please.” 

Oscar Madison’s Upper West Side apartment is how screenwriters imagine divorced men live. His refrigerator has been out for a while, so his guests can choose between brown and green sandwiches. Yummy!


Be an organ donor or have a man in a pink suit climb out of your fridge!

“Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.” This is the wonderful message at the end of this British cult comedy. But before we get there, we have to hear the Galaxy Song performed by a man who LITERALLY came from the cold…


We know housing in New York is ridiculous, but subletting your fridge to a demon is not the way forward.

No matter whether it is filled with delicious, fresh food or with food that is WAY beyond its prime – a fridge can be a portal to a different world.

The producers of this 1980s classic took this idea quite literally. When Dana Barrett calls who she’s gonna call, the Ghostbusters discover a most powerful enemy inside her fridge!

9 1/2 WEEKS (1986)

Just a city girl having some pasta.This doesn’t mean anything else! 

Things get a bit (okay, A LOT) steamy between an emotionally unavailable Wall Street arbitrageur (Mickey Rourke) and a divorced art gallery employee (Kim Basinger). Luckily, there is a fridge to cool things down a little bit and provide suggestive lighting for one of cinema’s most memorable scenes involving food.


A machine that makes ice? What a frivolous idea.

It’s well known BTTF trivia that the world’s most famous time machine had almost been a refrigerator. It was changed to the now iconic DeLorean because it was feared children would reenact scenes from the film and get trapped. Refrigerators still got a part in BTTF history when, in 1885, Doc Brown goes to great lengths to get some ice for his brackish water!


Contains man on fridge and fridge on man violence. Viewer discretion advised. 

A $200 apartment in New York? It’s lovely, we’ll take it! Unfortunately, the place comes with a fridge controlled by the devil himself. The 1963 Norge plays its part in keeping New York’s rental market vibrant. Apparently no one ever makes the connection and the apartment just gets re-let frequently.  It is a silly as it sounds and you’ll be lucky to track it down if you desperately want to see this cinematic masterpiece. It has only ever been released on VHS.


We found some footage from this allegedly existing film. 

We all know that Indiana Jones is a trilogy, but let us for a moment accept the idea that a 4th movie exists. Let us further pretend said film contains a particularly silly scene in which our hero is saved  from an Atomic bomb exploding nearby   by the lead padding of a 1950s refrigerator, which also survives being catapulted quite a distance with surprisingly little damage. All of this of course never happened and we’ve not heard from Indy since that last crusade…

WALL-E (2008)

ActiveGreen: Wall-E finds a plant that shouldn’t exist.

This zero subtlety pledge for sustainability sees a sentient service robot roam an inhabitable Earth. When he passes by a discarded fridge, the detached door holds a glimmer of hope – a seedling, proof that life on Earth is again possible!


The Irish word for refrigerator is “cuisneoir” (koosh-nohr). Just so you are prepared if you ever find yourself in a Gaelic speaking part of Ireland with your pet fridge.

Based on a true story (no, REALLY), this British film tells the story of a TV personality who accepts a drunken bet to hitchhike across Ireland with a fridge. The people of the land of a thousand welcomes soon accept the fridge as one of their own.


In 2015’s SPECTRE, Moneypenny gets something out of her fridge while doing research for Bond in her stylish London apartment. And wouldn’t you know, Moneypenny has opted for Quality, Design and Innovation! Good choice, Moneypenny!

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