When you contact Liebherr service with questions about your refrigerator, you will be asked for information from the serial plate. This plate is kind of an ID card for refrigerators and freezers.

It may well be that you’ve called the hotline at some point with a question about your Liebherr appliance and been asked for the serial number or appliance name. There’s good reason for this as the information helps our staff resolve any issues with greater speed and accuracy.

Where can the information be found?

It is found on the serial plate – a kind of ID card for refrigerators and freezers which includes all sorts of information about your appliance:

  • the product type
  • the serial and service numbers
  • the type of coolant used
  • the net capacity
  • the climate class

Our appliance overview shows you where to find the serial plate on different appliances. It is usually at the bottom left, inside the appliance. To view it, you might have to remove a drawer or shelf first.

-Refrigerator with BioFresh

-Fridge-freezer with BioFresh


-Fridge-freezer without BioFresh

-French Door

-Wine Cabinets


-Tip to Open Wine

(Under bottle shelf)

-Monolith Series (behind the first drawer)


If you have a question about your appliance, we suggest that you first check the rating plate and note the appliance name (see the example below: CS 1311 Index 14/237, service no.: 0985388-00).


The serial number is unique to your appliance and acts as a kind of resume for it (in our example: 29.670.090.5). Our service staff can use the nine-digit serial number to tell you information such as when the appliance was shipped.

Do you have any questions or comments about rating plates? Then write to us! Use the comment function below this post or start/join in discussions with us on the Liebherr Facebook page.