“Being a family owned company, the responsibility of successful leadership compels us to reflecti on our company’s history- and especially the entrepreneurial achievements of our father, Hans Liebherr. It is our experience that sustainable success is achieved when our decisions consider both tradition and progress.”

-Isolde & Willi Liebherr

Opening A Vault Of Seven Decades of Experience

If you consider tradition, Liebherr is a young company. Founded in 1949, we share our anniversary with our home, the Federal Republic of Germany. Our products, in a way, first rebuilt the country and Europe, and then we made the houses and apartments homes with our exceptional refrigerators.

If you consider progress, Liebherr has been around forever. Since entering the refrigeration business in 1954, Liebherr has been at the vanguard of technological advances.  We developed BioFresh, the food preservation technology that lets you keep your fresh food longer. We’ve made our entire range HFC-free way ahead of others. We continuously make our appliances more energy efficient. We are now entering a new era. Smart technology is becoming more important and after our pockets and our living rooms is now making itself at home in our kitchens.

Our company is looking towards the future, always seeing how we can make our appliances more energy efficient, quieter and fit your life even more. At the same time we have so much history to share that it would be a shame to keep it

Over the following weeks and months, we’ll use the time honored tradition of Throwback Thursday to share our history with you. Print material, photos, videos – many items never before seen outside Germany or by the public in general.

For our first #ThrowbackThursday, we found this 1960 cover of a Special Issue catalog. It is the height of the “Wirtschaftswunder”, the economic miracle, in Germany. The man presenting the range is a sign of the times. Being heavier was not considered being inactive, but a sign of economical success. There was food on the table and you would finish it, too! The refrigerator is filled to the brim with everything our nice gentleman and his family could carry out of the first supermarkets, buy at weekly open air markets or get from the shop around the corner. With people being able to afford more and more, and eager to try anything new the era had to offer, Liebherr already paid meticulous attention to detail. Maximizing the available the space and clever design ideas were as important back then as they are today.

Consider our award winning undercounter pull-out refrigerator UPR 503 which follows this principle. Ideal for smaller spaces or as a second smaller refrigerator in a bigger kitchen, the UPR 503’s clever modern design ideas own a lot to the UPR’s spiritual ancestors, 1960’s KTs!

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