Final quality control and packaging: Liebherr employees get “one of the best” refrigerators ready for shipping in this Liebherr archive image.

Germany, 1954: Only 10% of German households have a refrigerator. In the US, around the same time, well over 90% of households owned a refrigerator. Hans Liebherr, already successful with his heavy machinery business, is asked by his banker whether he would be interested in taking over the factory of an appliance maker. Liebherr looked at the factory and decided that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. A small village called Ochsenhausen, about an hour and half west of Munich, became the home of Liebherr Hausgeraete. From small beginnings emerged a global player: Liebherr became a household (sorry…) name for refrigeration across Europe, and later, globally. Today, the refrigerators once marketed as ‘One of the Best” are renowned the world over for their Quality, Design and Innovation.

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