Quality glasses are essential if you want to really enjoy a truly fine wine. However, once you’ve invested in some top-notch glasses to enhance your wine experience, you must be sure to take care of them properly. What does this involve?

In today’s world, top vintners simply cannot afford to neglect any aspect of cleanliness when it comes to their barrels, tanks, hoses and pumps. Similarly, those who like to enjoy fine wines at home need to pay very careful attention to the cleanliness of their wine glasses. It’s easy to overlook but very important because any impurities or residues can easily prevent you enjoying your wine to the full.

Don’t worry, even expensive wine glasses can go in the dishwasher!

However, when dishwashing your best glasses, always make sure that you open the dishwasher door at the end of the cycle to release the steam – steam can be rather aggressive to sensitive glasses and, if you neglect to do this, the glass may cloud over time. Also, it is important to thoroughly rinse the glasses, either in the dishwasher or by hand, to remove any detergent residues. In doing so, make sure that any rinsing agent that you may use doesn’t have a strong odour of its own. Furthermore, if you dry your glasses by hand, always use a fresh and odour-free tea towel; tea towels that have been damp and then dried can leave a slightly musty aroma on the glass.

Don’t store wine glasses upside-down  

When storing wine glasses in a cupboard, avoid the bad habit of placing them upside-down because the air trapped inside them can become stale. And, a further cleaning tip for those who like to decant their red wine into a carafe: the best way to remove limescale deposits and discolouration from the carafe is to fill it with warm water and add one or two denture cleaning tablets. Leave overnight, rinse well and your carafe will look as good as new once more!

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