Step: 1/7

Wash the lettuce, shake dry and finely chop.

Step: 2/7

Divide the bread into pieces and blitz into fine crumbs in a food processor.

Step: 3/7

Mix the cream cheese with half the crumbs and stand for 5 minutes.

Step: 4/7

Coarsely crush the peppercorns and mix with the remaining crumbs and a pinch of salt on a small plate.

Step: 5/7

Using a damp teaspoon, scoop out 6 equal pieces from the cream cheese and shape into balls with dampened fingers. Turn the cream cheese balls in the crumb mixture to coat.

Step: 6/7

Season the stock with salt, pepper and vinegar and toss with the salad.

Step: 7/7

Serve the salad on 2 plates and arrange the cream cheese balls on top