A well-known fact is that it is not a good idea to drink freshly squeezed juices on an empty stomach. However, they are not the only food you should not take on an empty stomach.

Dieticians worldwide would not recommend you start your day with bananas, pastries and especially yogurt. In today’s blog we have covered a list of foods to avoid on an empty stomach for a healthy digestive system.

10 foods to avoid at Breakfast:

1: Bananas

We often consume bananas for breakfast its surprising that they are a useful fruit as long as they are not consumed for breakfast. They are rich in magnesium, so processing them on an empty stomach is much faster than usual. The effect of this is an increase in pressure on the cardiovascular system.

2: Citrus Fruits

Yes, freshly squeezed citrus juices revitalize early in the morning but may be dangerous if taken on an empty stomach. They contain acid that can cause heartburn, allergies, gastritis, even ulcers. So, better keep this vitamin bomb after breakfast while on your way to work.

3: Baked yeast products

It is tempting to resist the freshly baked bread or savories or the cupcakes from the oven. Unfortunately, their frequent consumption of breakfast may lead to health problems such as abdominal pain and gas in the stomach. The reason for this is the yeast involved in the composition of these products.

4: Sweets & Choclates

It is extremely unhealthy to start your day with a blow of sweets and chocolates. Your pancreas is unable to replicate the amount of insulin you need for that amount of sugar on an empty stomach. This could destroy the acid-base balance of the body. Instead carry them to work and consume it when you feel low on energy.

5: Tomatoes

Are you tempted to have a traditional breakfast of tomato with cheese? This may be a bad idea. Tomatoes contain tannic acid, which, in contact with gastric juices, could cause stomach irritation. Keep the tomatoes for salads in lunch.

6: Cucumbers

A lot of you would say what’s wrong in cucumbers, however in the morning the stomach does not release enough stomach juice. This could make it harder for cucumbers to be processed and cause burning behind the sternum or stomach discomfort. Carry a cucumber as a snack for your in-betweens after lunch.

7: Dairy products

It is surprising to see dairy products on this list! If we have to be honest, dairy products are not the most dangerous foods for an empty stomach. Their breakfast benefit, however, is also minimal. This is due to the destruction of the beneficial bacteria contained in them from the gastric juices.

8: Pears

The pear is an excellent choice for dessert after a meal, but not for breakfast. Its fiber saturation can cause irritation of the lining on an empty stomach. Therefore, leave this fruit for dessert.

9: Spices

In India some of our breakfast menu does contain a mix of spices, In the long run it’s certainly not the best way to begin the day with. Strong spices for breakfast irritate the stomach and stimulate excessive production of gastric juice. This could cause discomfort in the stomach and impair the overall activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

10: Carbonated drinks

In general, we recommend that you do not consume carbonated beverages at all. If you still cannot do without them, at least avoid taking them on an empty stomach. Damage with them is associated with stomach discomfort, irritation of the stomach lining, and decreased blood circulation, and increased blood sugar, difficulty in digestion.

Wondering what you can eat without harming your body?

We recommend that you start your day with oatmeal, buckwheat or eggs in any form – boiled, poached, cooked. Oats envelop the stomach lining and lower cholesterol levels. Buckwheat, in turn, stimulates the activity of the digestive system and enriches the body with iron, proteins and vitamins.

Dry Fruits are a good option to add in the menu. Walnuts, Almonds, Dates are a mix of nutrients and energy that help in building your immune system strong.

A favorite snack of many  is omelet – this is not only delicious and satiating but also helps maintain good blood sugar levels, and this leads to a slower hunger.

So revamp your breakfast menu today! A good health is real wealth.

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