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Sometimes more humidity, sometimes less… all depending on what suits best! In Liebherr’s BioFresh appliances, DrySafe and HydroSafe zones provide you optimum storage environments for different types of food.

Do you remember the last time you shopped and stocked up fruits, vegetables, fish & other non-vegetarian items? How much of that food was not actually eaten because, after a few days in the fridge, it lost its freshness and didn’t seem appetising any more? Well, this doesn’t have to be the case. Most likely your food lost its freshness because it was stored in an unsuitable environment. When stored under the right conditions fresh food can be kept and enjoyed for much longer – retaining both its nutritional content (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) and its great taste!

Liebherr BioFresh safes (DrySafe/HydroSafe) enable you to create optimum storage environments. The vitamin and mineral content of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products will be preserved for much longer when they are stored in a Biofresh safe, at just above 0°C and at the correct humidity level, than when they are stored in a normal refrigerator compartment. BioFresh safes offer a kind of ‘custom-made freshness environment’ for food – let’s see how…

The DrySafe, with a low humidity level and a low temperature, is perfect for storing fish, meat and dairy products – essentially for storing foods with a lower water content than fruit and vegetables. Important: all goods stored in the DrySafe should be in airtight packaging to prevent any drying out. You can identify the DrySafe because it has no slide control.

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Perfect organisation of food: the DrySafe can be used to store cheese, meat and fish, while fruit and vegetables can be kept in the HydroSafe.

On the other hand, the slide controlled HydroSafe (‘hydro’= ‘moist’) is ideal for storing fruit and vegetables, i.e. foods that have a higher water content. The slide control enables you to carefully regulate the humidity and, as a general thumb rule, the more goods stored in the HydroSafe the more you should open the slide control to allow moisture to circulate. The icons on the slide control have the following meanings: one droplet stands for low humidity, multiple droplets stand for high humidity.

Please note: food stored in the HydroSafe should always have its packaging removed so that air can circulate around it properly. You’re probably familiar with salad greens ‘sweating’ in their plastic bag when stored in the fruit and vegetable drawer. These foods need to ‘breathe’ – very few people know this well and perhaps that’s why you must have noticed that they wrap their salad in newspaper rather than in plastic bags.

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