Step: 1/14

Preheat the oven to 180°C (160°C fan, gas 4).

Step: 2/14

Peel the carrots and parsnips and halve lengthways.

Step: 3/14

Thoroughly wash the potatoes and cut in half or quarters.

Step: 4/14

Peel the garlic cloves.

Step: 5/14

Cut the lemon in half.

Step: 6/14

Spread the chicken with the melted butter.

Step: 7/14

Season with salt and pepper.

Step: 8/14

Reserve 1-2 sprigs of rosemary, then pluck the rest of the leaves and chop finely.

Step: 9/14

Sprinkle the chicken with the chopped rosemary.

Step: 10/14

Place a lemon half in the chicken cavity.

Step: 11/14

Push in the rosemary sprigs.

Step: 12/14

Place the vegetables and remaining lemon half in a roasting tin and drizzle with olive oil.

Step: 13/14

Season with salt and pepper.

Step: 14/14

Place the chicken, breast side up, on the vegetable bed. Roast for 1 hour in the oven, adding extra water if needed. Baste the chicken from time to time with the roasting juices.