During the lockdown, most of us missed eating outside but resorted to delicious YouTube recipes for satisfying our cravings. And that clearly shows on our waistline. Besides that, being home all day with just a few steps away from refrigerator made us indulge in additional calories. On the brighter side, we can always change our eating habits and lifestyle for better. Here are some of the ways to lose weight that you may have put on during the lockdown.


Make a food journal:

Writing down your eating habits will help you to reflect on the food choices that you’ve been making and find healthier alternatives. While you’re at it, put down what time do you eat and how do you feel when you eat junk. This will help you cut down on stress eating and swap it with activities that calm you down.


Try meal planning:

Prepare a week’s plan of your meals. This will not only help you to schedule your meals but also help you stick to a healthy diet. Another advantage of meal planning is that you cancel out the stress of deciding what to cook every day.


Include protein in your diet:

While preparing your meal plan, add food items that contain a higher amount of protein. Grab those eggs from your Liebherr refrigerator and escape unhealthy snacking habits.


Set yourself up for a workout routine:

You’re more likely to lose weight faster if you exercise regularly. So, don’t miss out on that. Try out yoga, running or any other workout routine that suits you best.

body stretch


Arrange your fridge:

It so happens that whenever we open the refrigerator to eat something, we grab the first thing that we can get our hands on. That is why it is important to arrange the food items in your Liebherr refrigerator to keep the desserts out of sight!


Along with the things mentioned above, you may also begin a morning routine of drinking hot water with lemon and honey. It is known to accelerate your metabolism and regulate your digestive system.