“The stars don’t look bigger, but they do look brighter in summer nights” Sally Ride.


There is something mysterious about summer, the days are longer the nights are brighter and everything seems just a little better when the warmth touches your skin.

With an adventure on the tip of your tongue, now is the perfect time to plan, whether you are looking to go to the beach or looking for staycation inspiration; I may just have the plan for you.

Enjoy the fresh outdoors and activities and adventures ideas to keep your mind active!

  1. Let’s get creative!

Have you ever wondered what childlike wonder looks like? Then wonder no more as we open the doors to a childhood adventure that is waiting for you. We’re going to build a fairy house.

It’s something to bring back magic into your home, whether you are building it alone or with your little adventurers this is something that is easy to do at a low cost. You can get the supplies for your fairy house from things you have lying about and hopefully items in your garden.

Start by decorating a piece of carboard or scrap wood with pebbles, moss, grass anything you think will be suitable for the base of your fairy house.

If you are like me and are looking to cover any gaps, I do like to paint my cardboard a dark green with some browns just in case I can’t cover it all.

Then take the twigs you have collected and make walls for your house, using wood and glue. Make sure you leave a hole for the door so the fairies can make it through!

decorating a piece of carboard
  1. Outdoor cinema

This one may require some investment, it’s something my friends and I love to do every once in a while, but as soon as summer hits it’s something we do once a month, sometimes every week.

You can get a phone projector and display the content on your phone to any background, we have found it is best if the background is one colour.  If you do not have a space in your garden that is a neutral background you can pin a plain sheet up against your fence and let the show commence.

Don’t forget your snacks and cold drinks, I would suggest using the Liebherr CoolingBag and cold storage accumulator to keep your snacks and drinks cool. We usually use the HNGRY app to connect our lists to make sure we have everything we need from snacks to drinks. The collaborative shopping list is the handy organization tool to ensure everyone has what they want and need. It’ll ensure no one forgets the popcorn! 😉

Outdoor cinema     Outdoor cinema
  1. Treasure hunt

This one is for the creatives, if you want to get adventurous at home then now is the time for a treasure hunt.

Each person makes their own map and hides sweet treats from chocolate to face masks around the house and garden. Depending on the theme of the prizes you find you can turn the treasure hunt into an at home spa night.

Where you hunt for all of the items you need to make your evening complete, building fortes and having snacks you’ll soon find that you are deserving of the extra chocolate you may find.

It’s easy to set up and it’s fun to try and find the items your friends have hidden.

  1. Roadtrip / hikes

There is something beautiful about the British countryside that is drenched in history and folk tales. Many incredible stories start in the British countryside from fairytales to fables there’s a story lurking near.

Tales of Robin Hood and witches finding their magic, stories begin in unusual places, which is why the next idea is going on an adventure filled with history and explore the British countryside.

Whether you are looking for the place where legends grow in Sherwood Forest or just for a hike to find fairies in the NorthWood trail, there is something magical for you to find in the UK.

  1. Let’s paint!

Looking for a creative laugh? This is one that has been going viral on social media where people are purchasing canvases and getting their paints out and painting their friend or significant other. They then share the result at the end and unless your friends are good painters the results are rather funny.

However, if you want a challenge, you can swap every 60 seconds and collaborate with friends and family to see what it turns out to be. Usually, people have a bowl filled with random prompts on what to paint, it turns out to be good fun for a group or a party of 2.

  1. Did someone say sandcastles?

A lot of the time we try to think of something that is out there, and we forget that sometimes the simplest of activities are the best. Like building a sandcastle, getting the feel of the sand between your toes, and building a sandcastle that can withstand the elements for more than a minute, may be what you are looking for this summer.

With many UK beaches to choose from, be sure to pack your lunch and your sandcastle supplies from a castle to a boat.

Be sure to send us a photo if you do build a sandcastle, I would love to see them.

No matter the adventure you choose whether it is one I have suggested or maybe you have just been inspired to get out, make sure you take photos and document some of your memories. There is nothing better than looking back one day and looking at all you have done.

If you do choose one of the adventures, we have suggested be sure to tag us and #Liebherrmoments, we would love to see how your adventures panned out.

Looking for inspiration on some delicious treats? How about a mouthwatering cherry cheesecake? Or get creative with Rosie from the Great British Bakeoff and have her famous treacle tart cheesecake, trust me it’s a showstopper!


Written by Naomi.