Rediscovering Wonder: The Art of Spontaneous Picnicking

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures” Lovell Drachman; A quote that always inspires me to pack a picnic bag, get into my car and drive to a destination that I have never graced before. There is something magical in not knowing where you will end up but going for the journey anyway.

A scene that may give you the same feeling I get when reading that quote is the scene from a Night at the Museum 3 where Larry Daley says, “I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow” and Teddy Roosevelt smiles and replies “How exciting”. As we grow up, we lose the wonder we had as children, we no longer hunt for fairies at the bottom of the garden or wait up for Santa Claus. For many of us, we lose the magic that surrounded our childhood and one way to get it back is to get outdoors.

Whether you are walking or driving to a destination, the importance of creating your own sense of magic cannot be understated. So, to help inspire you, I am giving you my best advice for the secrets to having a successful picnic and as an added treat, the perfect pairing for our adult picnic is wine.


The Icelandic secret

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit the incredible country of Iceland, you may have visited the magic place of the Blue Lagoon. On my visit earlier this year I experienced peace for the first time. An adventure I didn’t think could be mine became my reality looking at views and places I couldn’t have imagined before I got on that plane and saw the wonders of our world.

In the coldness of the snow, I found a paradise.

A natural wonder.

You may be wondering what does this have to do with the perfect picnic pairing? Well, if you have ever been to the Blue Lagoon then you will have experienced a sparkling wine that is rich in flavour and has the perfect taste of strawberry. Fresita Sparkling wine with strawberries is from Chile but has become a popular drink in Iceland for the tourists visiting the Blue Lagoon.

It made me realise that it would be the perfect pairing for a summer picnic, whether that was in the garden or in someplace new. This would be the perfect addition to any picnic hamper.

With a strong cheese and a lathering of jam you will have found yourself in a combination too good to share.

Sparkling red wine being poured into a wine glass on a picnic tableThe Frista sparkling wine is created through the charmat method which can be seen in the elegant notes and natural taste of strawberries. It would work wonderfully with a charcuterie board.

With an 8% alcohol rate you can have an easy drinking day, a frista is best served between 4-6°C if you don’t have a wine-controlled fridge, you can use your bottle timer to ensure it is chilled before you travel.

Fruity flavours

If you prefer a fruit platter to a cheese board with your adventures, then a taste of Germany may be for you.

For some it can be unconventional as a Riesling has gotten a past synonymous with sweet, but you will find that some German Rieslings are noted for being dry. They have a minerality and intense aromatics which makes them perfect for a fruit pairing.A colourful chaurouterrie board with jams and fruit

I prefer to pair them with grapes, pears, strawberries and even an apricot or two to really bring out the aromas of the bottle.

You’ll be surprised by how good it can be, especially when you feel the warm of spring beating down and the light breeze of the new day. A perfect way to spend a day with a book and maybe a game or two.

The perfect glass is best served chilled to 7-12 °C, when you are travelling be sure to pack it in our cooling back with our cold storage accumulators to keep it at the perfect temperature.


Light and refreshing

If you are looking for a safe choice a Pinot Grigio is the wine, I would recommend. It’s light and refreshing and will compliment most dishes you could choose.

The delicate flavourings make it the universal choice for a picnic ensuring that your food takes centre stage rather than introducing a new flavour palette.

When you are looking to serve ensure the wine is chilled between 7-10°C. If you prefer a wine with more body like a Chardonnay, they need to be served slightly warmer at 10-17°C.

beach wine with books and candles with fruits and croissants

Travel tips!


If you are unable to have your picnic in your garden, then there are a couple of tips I would recommend ensuring your picnic goes off without a hitch!

  • If you are travelling for a while to get to your perfect picnic paradise, make sure you bring along snacks you can eat along the way. You don’t want to spoil your picnic before you get there. This is especially handy if you are travelling with children.
  • If you have chosen to go to the woods, make sure you check the weather beforehand as you may need to get weatherproof shoes.
  • It’s always a good idea to bring a game or two or even a good book.

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Wondering what type of picnic you want to go on? Check out our secrets to the perfect picnic article.

Beach picnic with fruits and wine

“Take only memories, leave only footprints” Chief Seattle.


Article by Naomi.