Sun rays make you happy and have a positive effect on our well-being – there are more exciting facts about sun vitamins here. But many know it: If you overdo it with sunbathing and don’t use enough sun protection, you have to fight with a sunburn afterwards. This often only becomes noticeable in the evening through burning, itchy redness. What to do as soon as possible and which home remedies really help – we’ll show you.

Sunburn is an acute inflammation of the upper skin layer that is due to excessive UV radiation. This radiation can be divided into UV-B and UV-A radiation. The latter is responsible for skin ageing. However, if the short-wave, high-energy UV-B radiation hits the unprotected skin, burns occur. Too frequent sunburn leads to consequential damage, such as an increased risk of skin cancer. Symptoms such as reddening of the skin, a sensation of heat and tension, itching and in the worst case even blisters confirm the suspicion of sunburn.

If you too have spent too much time in the sun: These seven SOS tips relieve the pain and help immediately:

1) Get out of the sun

To avoid worse: Immediately get out of the sun and cover the affected area with dark clothing. The stronger and darker the fabric, the more radiation is absorbed. A sun hat to protect the face and scalp is also recommended. Also, note that the shade of an umbrella does not provide sufficient protection and UV rays still reach your skin. You better go inside completely. And the next few days also apply: Avoid direct sunlight, especially in the midday sun.

avoid sunburn!
Sun hats are great protection for the face and scalp.

2) Cool, cool, cool!

You should cool the burnt skin as quickly as possible. The reason: Not only does the pain subside, but the inflammation also improves a little. To do this, soak a linen or cotton cloth in cold water and place it on the burnt skin. These cold envelopes can just as easily be made with yoghurt or cottage cheese from the refrigerator. When the affected area is warm again, simply replace the wraps. Important: Do not use ice cubes or cold cool packs. If used incorrectly, this can lead to frostbite. Especially for children and people with cardiovascular problems, lukewarm wraps are better at the beginning.

3) Drink enough

Sufficient drinking is especially important on hot summer days. If you have additionally burned your skin, the fluid requirement increases again. It is therefore important to return the lost fluids to the body as quickly as possible. Make up for the deficit with at least 1.5 litres of water. A high drinking amount also supports the regeneration of the skin and boosts the circulation.

Drink water!

Very important: stay hydrated! Avoid alcohol if you can!

4) After-sun products with aloe vera

An adequate supply of moisture is also important externally. Many use rich creams, but be careful: normal body lotions and creams can cause heat to build up. It is better to use lighter formulations such as after-sun gels or lotions with aloe vera. The plant consists of up to 99% water and also contains many important minerals and vitamins that support the skin’s regeneration process. A little tip: Put your after-sun products in your Liebherr refrigerator before use, so the cooling effect on the skin is even more intense!

Aloe vera lotion

A cooling aloe vera cream can work wonders.

5) Anti-inflammatory ointments

Prescription-free cortisone ointments from the pharmacy relieve the inflammatory reaction. The active ingredient also reduces redness and reduces swelling and itching. To do this, apply the ointment carefully to the affected area.

6) For very severe pain

A normal sunburn disappears after a few days due to cooling and sufficient moisture. In the case of very severe pain, however, taking painkillers as a first-aid measure is also useful. In the event of severe burns and symptoms such as burns, fever, headache and nausea, a doctor should be consulted. A visit to the paediatrician is essential when concerning children.

7) Next time: avoid sunburn

Precaution takes precedence. While the tips listed can help with sunburn, your skin’s health should come first. Therefore, the best way to prevent sunburn from the start is by using sufficient sunscreen with an appropriate sun protection factor. The right clothes and Avoid the midday sun prevent burns in the summer.

Sun lotion good for avoiding the burn

Don’t forget to apply sun lotion!.

With these tips, nothing stands in the way of summer.