slider_DuoCooling_2016Duo- what? DuoCooling! This technology in Liebherr fridge-freezers means temperature in the refrigeration and freezer compartments is precisely set and controlled using two completely independent cooling circuits. This delivers a clear benefit when it comes to refrigeration!

DuoCooling technology is used in all Liebherr fridge-freezers.

No opening connects the refrigeration and freezer compartments, making air exchange impossible.

“All well and good. How does that benefit me as a consumer?”

The DuoCooling system not only prevents transfer of food odors between the freezer and refrigerator compartments, it also prevents food from drying out.


With DuoCooling no refrigerated air is exchanged between the refrigeration and freezer compartments.

Imagine going for a walk on a cold winter’s day. When you get back home you notice your skin feels tight. The cold, icy air has extracted moisture from your skin. What do you do? You usually apply hand and face cream to counteract this loss of moisture. A similar situation can arise with food. If icy air from the freezer meets cold air in the refrigerator, the food dries out. DuoCooling technology prevents this from happening, and also stops any transfer of odors. Do you want the aromatic cheese in the refrigerator to transfer its fragrance and flavor to food stored in the freezer? Not really, right?

The two cooling circuits, as well as the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartments, are independently controlled. Temperature ranges from 34°F to 48°F (fridge-freezers without BioFresh) or 37°F to 48°F (fridge-freezers with BioFresh) in the refrigerator compartment. It ranges from 5°F to -15°F in the freezer compartment. Since there is no air exchange, the two compartments can’t negatively influence each other, allowing for precise temperature control. There’s another benefit: If you need to defrost your appliance, switching off the freezer compartment won’t affect the temperature in the refrigerator compartment. Of course, if you have a Liebherr with NoFrost technology this isn’t something you need to worry about.

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