IFA, the annual International Radio Exhibition in Berlin, is a great place for Liebherr to showcase our brand promise Quality, Design and Innovation to a diverse audience of trade professionals and end consumers. Innovation took center stage this year, as we focused on smart refrigerators.

The above video is a glimpse into a possible future, which could see your Liebherr and FreshMAGAZINE being centerpieces of your life – more so than they are already, of course 😉 .

Liebherr recently announced a collaboration with Microsoft in commercial refrigeration. We used IFA to show how we’re extending this partnership to the residential segment as well.

SmartDeviceBox: Liebherr’s Key To A Connected World

SmartDeviceBox was first introduced in some European markets in late 2015. It allows Liebherr owners to control certain settings of their fridge regardless of where they are or what device they are using. SmartDeviceBox 2 is an exciting evolution.


Plug and play: The SmartDeviceBox connects your refrigerator to a world of new possibilities.


Based on Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant Cortana we’ve created Mia. Giving your Liebherr a voice and ‘brain’, it’s a new way to interact with your refrigerator. Ask questions like ‘What’s in my fridge?” or “How many eggs do I have left?”


Food management on her mind: Liebherr’s Mia will be your personal refrigeration assistant.


Using cloud-based technology, Mia will have access to a constantly updated database. You’ll be able to put items directly into your shopping list. Mia will be supported by an app available across all platforms. Adjust your refrigerator’s temperature or turn on SuperCool and SuperFrost while still at the store. You’ll also be able to check your refrigerator’s inventory in real time.

At Liebherr we firmly believe that you should be able to enjoy future enhancements by software updating or swapping equipment rather than having to buy a new refrigerator. Key components of this system, like in-fridge cameras or the Smart Device Box itself, will be user upgradeable. While we will continuously develop new features, you won’t have to fear that your refrigerator’s connected technology will be obsolete 5 minutes after you’ve installed it.

We expect refrigerators equipped with or ready for SmartDeviceBox to be available in North America no later than 2018.

Showstopping Projection Mapping

Using projection mapping, Liebherr brought innovative features and class leading design to life. Get an idea of what visitors of our booth saw by checking out the video below.

CoolVision: Let There Be Light!


CoolVision is a space for our in-house designers and external partners to get creative and present stunning design studies that, if feedback is positive, may make it to series production. On the basis of our European GlassLine models, designers played with light elements and glass this year, producing three stunning ideas. All three designs play with the unique possibilities creating by the combination of light with glass and other materials to create stunning design that enhance your living space or become the focal point of it.

By far the best received of the three at IFA was “Milky Way”. Combining a back printed glass front with LEDs, this model creates the illusion of a moving and twinkling star field.


Can’t wait to have a Liebherr in your home? Understandable! Check out our current products at home.liebherr.com or your local authorized Liebherr dealer!