MONOLITH is a monumental advance in refrigeration – not just through its impressive dimensions, its clever combination options and life-enhancing features like SmartDeviceBox. MONOLITH columns will be the first Liebherr refrigerators in the US that will come with BioFresh-Plus as standard. It’s cooling fish and seafood redefined!

Cooling Fish & Seafood Redefined

Fresh fish is a healthy addition to your diet and seafood should be a regular part of your dinner. However, storing these items for later consumption can be tricky. FRESH is the operative word. Liebherr’s SuperFrost technology helps you freeze fish and seafood for long-term storage. Sometimes, however, you just want that extra day or two. Fresh fish and seafood goes bad really fast. It is recommended, depending on conditions, to be consumed on the same day as purchased or store it in the refrigerator for a day maximum. Liebherr’s developers didn’t accept the status quo and developed an enhancement to the existing BioFresh food preservation system that is ideal for seafood. By lowering the temperature too just below freezing, yet significantly higher than your freezer, they created conditions similar to those found at a fishmonger. Ideally to keep fish and seafood fresh for up to 3 days!*

The Art of Precise Temperature Control

The BioFresh Hydro- and DrySafes of a Liebherr extend the shelf life of certain food items by up to 3 times. This is achieved by constantly keeping the temperature in the BioFresh drawers at slightly above 32°F (O°C). Precision electronics ensure that the temperature doesn’t fall below freezing point. The idea is to keep your food fresh without freezing it.

While the standard BioFresh drawers are great for fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products, Liebherr’s development team wanted to create the conditions found at a fishmonger. You’ve seen fish stored on a bed of ice. To do this, they created BioFresh-Plus, a drawer in which the temperature can be adjusted to 28°F (-2°C). Fish and seafood can be stored up to two or even three days under these conditions and be safely consumed.

Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? It’s not! Developers had to figure out how to precisely control the temperature in the refrigerator compartment, the BioFresh drawers, and the BioFresh-Plus drawer so that they don’t influence each other and the temperatures remain reliably constant. The perfect combination of controlling compressor, fans and special air flaps that (re-)direct cold air was just as important as the development of insulating boards that keep the different compartments separated.

Maximum Flexibility: Add Another DrySafe

You may not always have a need to store fish or seafood! Use the BioFresh-Plus drawer as a BioFresh DrySafe, ideal for meat and dairy products, with a simple temperature change through the SmartDeviceApp for iOS and Android or Monolith’s intuitive InfinitySwipe display. This changes the temperature from 28°F (-2°C) to slightly above 32°F (O°C). Whatever your storage needs – the three food preservation drawers inside your Monolith have you covered!

BioFresh-Plus is just one of many clever features that redefine cooling. Find out more about MONOLITH – available soon!


*Under ideal conditions. Always check the quality of food before consumption. Consuming raw or under-cooked fish or seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.