We have gathered a few barbecue tips so you can become the grillmaster this year!


1. Prepare

The beginning of a good barbecue starts with the perfect ingredients. Whether pork ribs, beef steak or turkey breast – many types of meat are suitable for the grill, just make sure you are buying it fresh.

When buying meat, it is worth to pay attention to the following: Beef should be strongly colored red, pig evenly pink and poultry flesh-colored, but not too white. It is advisable not to buy pre-marinated meat, as quality and age are less obvious in this case. If you want to season your meat with more than salt and pepper, you can make a simple marinade in no time at home. Coat your meat with a little olive oil mixed with lemon juice and red wine vinegar. For seasoning, fresh herbs, garlic or pepper are suitable. Marinate the meat and let it rest for several hours, turning it regularly. Important: salt the meat only after grilling, otherwise it could become dry.

Before you start grilling, store your meat well covered or packed in the Liebherr BioFresh DrySafe drawers. At temperatures just above 0 ° C and low humidity, most meat products last a few days.

Already cooked meat products such as smoked pork, ham or bacon should not be grilled because the nitrite curing salt can cause harmful nitrosamines to form.

In addition to the meat products but also offers fish for grilling. Especially recommended are herring, trout, and salmon. In addition, of course, vegetables and some cheeses are also suitable for the barbecue, so that vegetarians can enjoy the meal as well.

pork ribs
Whether pork ribs, beef steak or turkey breast – many types of meat are suitable for the grill

2. Chill


Once all the ingredients have been purchased and the barbecue has been pre-heated, it’s time to get to the grill.

The grilled food, especially the meat products, should migrate as quickly as possible from the refrigerator to the grill to avoid that increase undesirable bacteria. This is usually easy to do at home in the garden but could lead to some difficulties in the park. It is, therefore, we recommend to have an outdoor refrigerator, so you can enjoy not only safe food but also refreshing drinks for the summer evening.

The BioFresh DrySafe is ideal for storing meat and sausage products


3. Grill

When preparing the meat on the grill, keep in mind that escaping meat juices and fats can form harmful substances during combustion. These are not only created on the classic charcoal grill, but also on the electric grill. By previously draining the meat as well as cooking not directly above the embers, you can reduce the harmful substances. For example, you can put aluminum bowls under the meat. Fats from the bbq cause flames as they drip and cook which could burn your protein.

Allow all protein to rest for 3-5 minutes when removed from the grill to fully cook. As a small rule of thumb, a 2.5 cm thick beef steak should be grilled from each side for four minutes to obtain a half-roasted (“medium”) piece of meat.  In a pork steak of the same format should be grilled for five minutes.

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