Salmon is one of the most popular dishes in the U.S. But which wine is right for the strong aroma? The master sommelier, Frank Kämmer, recommends the right companion.

The salmon has been at the top of the popularity scale for several years. One reason for this is probably its variety of preparation options. Especially popular is the grilling, for which the salmon with its slightly firmer meat is particularly suitable.

The strong salmon flavor requires a special companion

When choosing the right wine, however, one should realize that the salmon is one of the higher-fat fish and has a slightly stronger flavor, which is intensified by the crickets and complemented with fine roasted notes. A suitable wine should, therefore, have both an appropriate body, an expressive fruit, and a lively acidity game. The former is needed to counteract the powerful salmon aroma with a correspondingly powerful fullness. The expressive fruit makes a great addition to the roasted notes and the acidity is particularly important because the acidity of the wine “cuts” in terms of taste through the fat of the fish and thus makes the dish not only more elegant but also wholesome.

Not only an appropriate body but also acid and fruit play must be the right companion for grilled salmon

My recommendation: A dry Riesling from Germany

Dry top Riesling from Germany

For grilled salmon, I recommend the 2015 Erbacher Schlossberg Riesling dry GG from the Rheingau of Weingut Schloss Reinhartshausen.

My first choice is, therefore, a dry top Riesling from the class of “Great Growths”. These are among the best white wines in Germany and also enjoy great international appreciation. Under the designation (“GG”) one finds particularly dense, characterful Riesling from famous vineyard situations, which can show beside the acidity so characteristic for the grape variety also a remarkable concentration and firm personality.


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