If you want a wine-tasting to be more than a fun day or night out, you need to sharpen all your senses. You also need to avoid influences which have an adverse effect on your sense of taste. Liebherr’s wine expert Frank Kämmer is sharing his tips to make sure your wine tasting will be a worthwhile experience:


A wine-tasting among professionals has very little to do with the sort of fun we usually associate with a day spent drinking wine. A “true” wine-tasting is a rather somber affair, as the analysis of the wine’s quality takes precedence over anything else. While you can obviously just have a fun day out if you are planning to add a few new bottles to your collection these simple things professionals do will help you with keeping your senses sharp. Because you don’t want to buy any bottles that’ll make you shake your head later on.

Wine-Tasting: A Well-Ventilated Room Is Key

It may seem rustic and like it adds a romantic touch, but for a successful tasting, a dark wine cellar is not the best place. To be able to objectively judge the finest wines, look for a bright and well-ventilated room. Also, take into consideration your personal preparation. Avoid aftershave, eau de toilette or heavily perfumed body wash prior to a wine tasting. Not only outside odors influence your cognitive abilities during a tasting. One of the first things most laymen notice at professional tastings is the intense silence.

Silence is Golden!

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Noisy conversation, street noise or music are just as frowned upon as bright colors, pictures or artwork. A beautiful view may be pleasing to the eye but may negatively affect focusing on your nose and palate. It is accepted that smoking has a negative impact on your tasting skills and sense of smell. Pros who smoke leave at least 30 minutes between their last cigarette and the first tasting. An empty stomach sharpens the senses: Professional wine tasters always complete tastings BEFORE a meal, not after.

I hope you will enjoy your wine tasting and the great wines you will find!