Liebherr is exclusively showcasing the new Monolith series, a new generation of fridge-freezers, at House in the RDS, Dublin from May 24-26. The pioneering side-by-side combination is available in a range of sizes  and provides plenty of space and flexible storage options to suit your household. In combination with proven Liebherr technology, the Monolith also offers superb design and impresses in terms of energy consumption and freshness functions.

Liebherr Monolith

Monolith: a full-sized “Freshness Safe”

Liebherr’s new side-by-side combination comes in three sizes. Even the smallest of these Monoliths is a genuine giant. It accommodates an 45cm freezer compartment and a 60cm refrigeration compartment. This provides generous and flexible storage options. If the space provided in the XL appliance still isn’t quite enough, you could also opt for the 122cm version. This has a 76cm cooling area with even more room for your fresh goods. The dimensions of the largest Monolith appliance are truly impressive. At a height, it has even more space available than the mid-sized model for deep freezing. Regardless of whether it’s bulky items for freezing, a ready-to-serve parfait for dessert or endless jars of your last batch of homemade jam – there is room for everything here.


Three large drawers in both the freezer and the refrigeration compartments of all Monolith models in the range give you the space you need. Thanks to BioFresh-Plus technology the refrigeration compartment also comes with an additional added benefit. At a temperature of just above 0 °C, fresh food is kept fresh for much longer without the need for freezing. The highly precise Liebherr electronics system ensures a constant temperature is maintained and stops it falling below freezing point.

However, BioFresh-Plus can do much more. Adjustable controllers allow the climate in each individual drawer to be adapted to the food stored. This creates HydroSafes which, due to the high level of moisture, extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables in particular. Alternatively, you can reduce the level of moisture. This creates DrySafes which, in particular, keep milk and meat products fresher for longer.

One real highlight of the model is the third BioFresh drawer. The temperature in this can be lowered to -2 °C – ideal for storing fish and seafood.

Monolith appliances come with three large drawers in both the refrigeration and freezer compartments

Connected for a digital future

And if the fresh fish is already sold out on your next visit to the supermarket, you can raise the temperature of your BioFresh-Plus compartment to 0° C from wherever you are. The SmartDeviceApp allows you to control the temperature of your Monolith easily and intuitively via your smartphone or tablet – at any time and from any location. The SmartDeviceBox needed for this is already included within the scope of supply.

But that is not all. If you buy in larger quantities while shopping, you can activate the “SuperCool” or “SuperFrost” functions while you’re out and about. This significantly reduces the temperature in the refrigerator or freezer compartment for a short period, helping you to maintain the cold chain of the food you’ve bought.

What if your children have left the fridge door open at home? Or what if there was a power cut? You are informed via a push message on your smartphone so that you can respond quickly. The optionally available FridgeCam means you can also keep an eye on the contents of your fridge – and in future also on the contents of your supplies cabinet. The camera automatically sends a picture to your smartphone each time the doors are closed.

The SmartDevice-App allows you to see into your fridge from wherever you are and to prepare shopping lists.

A light show for the senses

Monolith_LED Light

The Monolith is also striking in terms of design. High quality materials such as stainless-steel doors and rear walls, and kitchen-specific door panels make the Monolith the focal point of your kitchen. The ergonomic metal handles and the integrated damping system also mean that the doors are really easy to open and close. The glass shelves allow you to arrange your food clearly and the storage options in the door mean the storage can be arranged entirely to your personal taste. There is space for everything here, whether it’s small bottles of salad dressing or milk by the gallon. The integrated air filter ensures the interior climate is correct. This filters the air coming in and eliminates bad odours, making sure that your fridge feels perfectly fresh on the inside.

The freezer compartment door is also fitted with individually adjustable shelves. The unique design lets the cold air move more freely, keeping the temperature constant and allowing your food to be stored in perfect condition. The innovative NoFrost technology means that thawing out is now a thing of the past.

With the Monolith, your food is always shown in the best light. This is supplied by LED panels integrated flush within the appliance and by LED lighting in the drawers. The light however not only provides perfect illumination for your Monolith. It also impacts positively on the quality of your food due to the minimal heat produced. And because LEDs are over 80% more energy efficient than traditional lighting methods, they not only contribute to environmental protection, but are also easy on the wallet.

LED panels integrated flush within the appliance cast the generous interior in a perfect light.

IceMaker and Integrated Water Dispenser

Monolith Water Dispenser

The party is already in full swing and you have forgotten to make the ice cubes? The Monolith also has the perfect solution for this. The fully automatic IceMaker with mains water connection produces top quality ice cubes every time. It creates at least 1.6 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours. Here, a water dispenser, with mains water connection, integrated flush into the side wall supplies perfectly cooled fresh water at all times.

A fully automatic IceMaker with mains water connection and water dispenser integrated flush within the appliance provide the ultimate freshness kick

Visit us House in the RDS, Dublin from May 24-26 to see the exclusive launch of the Monolith range for yourself.