Step: 1/6

Wash, halve, and deseed the peppers. Bake on a baking tray under a hot grill for 10 minutes until the skin blackens and starts to bubble.

Step: 2/6

Cover the peppers with a damp tea towel and stand for 10 minutes.

Step: 3/6

Meanwhile, wash and slice the spring onion.

Step: 4/6

Peel the grilled peppers, cut into strips and mix with the spring onions.

Step: 5/6

Season the steaks with salt and pepper and spread with mustard. Halve the steaks horizontally and cover with the pepper-onion mixture.

Step: 6/6

Fold the steaks over to enclose the filling and secure with cocktail sticks. Brush the steaks with oil and cook on a foil lined grill pan under a hot grill for 8-10 minutes on each side.