Simple Difficulty
30 Min Preparation Time
Step: 1 / 14

Wash and drain the beansprouts.

Step: 2 / 14

Soak the mushrooms in warm water for 20 minutes (or according to the pack instructions).

Step: 3 / 14

Wash, halve, deseed and chop the peppers.

Step: 4 / 14

Peel the carrots, cut into 4-5cm pieces, then thinly slice and cut into fine strips.

Step: 5 / 14

Then in fine stripes.

Step: 6 / 14

Wash the mangetout and spring onions.

Step: 7 / 14

Cut the mangetout into fine strips. Halve or quarter the spring onions lengthways and cut into 3-4 cm pieces. Peel the ginger and cut into fine strips.

Step: 8 / 14

Drain the mushrooms in a sieve and collect the soaking water.

Step: 9 / 14

Dry the mushrooms on kitchen paper, then finely chop.

Step: 10 / 14

Finely chop.

Step: 11 / 14

Mix the cornflour with the soy sauce and 3-4 tbsp water until smooth.

Step: 12 / 14

Add the oil to a hot wok and stir-fry the carrots and ginger for 1 minute over a medium heat.

Step: 13 / 14

Push to the edge of the wok, then stir-fry the peppers, mangetout, onions and mushrooms for 2-3 minutes.

Step: 14 / 14

Add the beansprouts and stir-fry all together for 1-2 minutes. Pour in the soy mixture and bring to the boil. Season with lime juice and serve garnished with coriander.

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