After a tiring day at the farm with his horse, a nomad had observed that a bag of milk tied to the jostling body of an animal was no longer just milk. Strangely, it had turned into a thick, solidified piece which later came to be known as butter. The milk of mammals such as cows, buffalo, sheep and goat can be used to make butter, which obviously differs in texture and taste.

Since then, all the Bettys of the world have been buying butter. Not just for cooking, but many other purposes such as:

– To fix the creaks of a door
– To free the tightly stuck rings
– To coat it on pills for an easy swallow
– To soften the skin as well as fingernails
– To counter extremely sticky agents like wax, glue and gum

Now, let’s step into the kitchen and see how a bit of butter can make our day better!

A bit of extension in shelf life:
If you have a whole, leftover onion, then don’t worry about throwing it away. A thin layer of butter applied on the exposed surface will help it in sustaining. Make sure to wrap the onion in foil and then you can store it in the refrigerator for a day or two.

A bit of calm in the boil:
Let’s say you’re preparing pasta for your snack time. While cooking, if you notice too much boiling, then do not hesitate to add a little chunk of butter. It’ll help in calming down the heat.

A bit of enhanced taste:
Vegetables – There are substitutes of butter such as oils which can be used for sautéing vegetables. However, butter compliments better and helps in heightening the flavours.

Baked items – Even for baking, butter has many substitutes such as sauces, yogurt or even banana which help in the textures and overall taste of the baked item. But butter carries a softening property with it which is irreplaceable. Cookies and cakes are rarely prepared without butter.

Steps to make butter at home:

You can use either cream or curd as your base ingredient. Here is a quick guide on how to make butter at home:

– After taking the cream/curd out from your Liebherr refrigerator, let it soften at room temperature.
– Place it in a round open mouthed vessel. With the help of a butter churner, keep stirring the cream/curd until a separated knob of butter is visible.
– Store the butter in a separate container. Or as we like to call, Liebherr’s FlexiDrawer to refrigerate it.

Note: Do not throw away the buttermilk obtained during the process. It is safe and healthy to consume it as a post-meal refreshment.

Many people still debate when it comes to declaring butter as a ‘healthy’ item. Despite being a source of vitamins such as A, D and E, butter is also home to immense calories. Yet, it continues to be part of mouth-watering recipes and all the top chefs of the world use it as their ‘not-so-secret’ weapon.

On our next blog, we will share some delicious recipes and discover the health benefits of butter in depth. Till then, never forget that a bit of butter will always work like magic! Especially if stored in a Liebherr.