There are numerous leafy vegetables today, but does cabbage outshine them all? This is going to be all things insightful, so stay focused.



In Indian households, when you ask for Gobi but end up with cauliflower instead, is when you know the household communication has peaked? This elite vegetable is the reigning queen of it all. You may ask, what is in a cabbage that you won’t find elsewhere? Well, here’s what – Want to eat momo? Stuff it with cabbage. Missing a burrito? Wrap with cabbage. Need to serve coleslaw? Shred some cabbage! Kimchi with ramen? Ferment some cabbage. The possibilities are endless.


This leafy vegetable finds its origins in Europe. It is one of the oldest vegetables dating back to the 1600s. Few of its variants include green, white, red and purple cabbage. But green cabbage wins our heart, over and over again. It not only is one of the strongest contenders in the kitchen, but is also beneficial in other aspects. To start with, it is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which comes as a saviour in these tough times. It is loaded with antioxidant properties as well as a compound named sulforaphane, which can help fight cancer. The antioxidants also play a major role in keeping your skin clear and healthy. Basically, when great taste is combined with health benefits, cabbage is what you get!




To begin with, you’re going to choose a cabbage that’s made just for you. A large, firm and perfectly leafed-to-the-head cabbage is what you should look for.


But that’s not it. Freshness also plays an important role here. If the store-bought cabbage is fresh enough, the preservation aspect is handled with ease by Liebherr refrigerators. The EasyFresh technology of Liebherr is what prolongs the cabbage’s freshness. Taking care of it is as important as everything else. Cutting or shredding the cabbage will deprive it of Vitamin C. The leafy green vegetable should be stored in a whole intact piece, rinsed and cut as and when you need it. With Liebherr’s EasyFresh technology, customise the humidity temperature according to your (and mainly the cabbage’s) needs and you’re good to go. No hassles here, because your cabbage is going to be safe and sound. And fresh, ofcourse!



Food Facts:

Cabbage is widely popular, everywhere. China is the leading producer of cabbage. How else do you think ‘Hakka Noodles’ fools us into eating more cabbage and less noodles, every single time? India stands second, followed by the largest consumer of cabbage, Russia, because of Sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is a finely chopped and pickled cabbage of German origin. Diversity, even in a vegetable, you see? With that, we come to the end of the ranking process and can begin with the interesting facts! To start with:


  • Cabbage is a source of Vitamin K, B6 & B9, which isn’t as complicated as it appears. Vitamin K helps heal wounds, while Vitamin B6 & B9 help with storing and converting energy, respectively.
  • A reliever for the worst headaches (read: hangovers), drink up raw cabbage juice, or hold a tight compress of shredded cabbage over your head and it’s almost as if the headache didn’t exist!
  • People in China believed cabbage to be the ultimate solution to baldness. If this is true even by the slightest, cabbage is going to give hair care products a run for their money!


Circling back to where we began – if this leafy favorite does surpass all others in its category? Well, as said earlier, it is one of the strongest contenders in the kitchen, but to say that it is the ultimate, the head and the most superior leafy vegetable out there, is highly debatable. Cabbage is, without a doubt, one of the most loved, cooked and relished vegetables in the household, but there are many more options to explore when it comes to the leafy vegetables category. For that, stick around, we might just have a winner!