Some binding ingredients, a cup of cocoa powder, a spoonful of sweetness, baking powder and a good mix with a whisk! Once baked, top it with a cherry and there, your cake is party-ready!

Wait! Is that the only place you’ve seen a cherry? This cute ball of sweetness is more than just a red topping. Plus, there are a dozen dishes you can craft with cherries as the core ingredient. Read along, cause this one’s going to be all things cherry!

Your health stays cherry good.

When the fruit’s low in calories and rich in nutrients and Vitamin C, you know it’s time for you to pop some in! The juicy fruit is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help in reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

That tastes cherrylicious!

The next time you decide to make a pancake or any other dessert, whip up a cherry sauce for the topping. It’s quick, easy to make and has that tangy goodness. A list of top cherry flavored food would be incomplete without cherry ice cream. If prepared well, the ice cream will taste like a delicious scoop of frozen cherries. Turn this fruit into a tangy jam, a sweet juice, a rich smoothie,  or pop it alone, the taste never fails to impress!

Store it right.

This monsoon fruit should be stored in the refrigerator to prolong its freshness. Liebherr’s EasyFresh drawers come with high and low humidity modes that let you control the humidity level based on the requirements of the items inside. Thus, your cherries continue to stay fresh for a longer period.


Picking the right kind of fruit at the grocery store is quite tasking and oh the mind games with the vendor is a story for another time! Here’s a hack that’ll help you buy the right kind of cherry. Fresh cherries look plump, firm and are deep red in color. Try to choose cherries that have a stem attached to them. Steer clear of wrinkled-up and discolored cherries. When the cherries look discolored and have a mushy texture, that’s when you know they’ve gone bad. And if there’s mold, certainly dispose of them.

That sums it up. There’s so much more to this tiny red jewel of a fruit than one can imagine. Time to head to the fridge and grab a bowl full of cherries!