Originated in the southern region of Brazil, Passion fruit is grown from the flower ‘Passiflora’. The pretty and full of life flower comes from a delicate climbing vine. Botanically, passion fruit is a berry because of its fleshy interior. The round mature fruit is dark purple in colour, sometimes with a shade of yellow. As soon as the thick rind of the fruit starts getting a wrinkled texture, feel free to eat it and enjoy the ripeness through an exotic taste.

Eating the fruit is an experience full of deliciousness. Take your time to savour every bit of it!

As soon as you cut a piece of this perfect fruit, the juicy pulp spreads out its refreshing fragrance and fills the room. From the first bite itself, the perfect blend of sour and sweet takes our taste buds on a journey of exciting flavours. The fiber rich seeds of the passion fruit can be swallowed or chewed, and sometimes eaten along with the pulp.

Being a tropical fruit, they are mostly available in summers, but can be found in winters too. From tangy juices to creamy desserts, passion fruit can be eaten in many ways! Below are a few quick recipes that you should save and try soon.

Passion Fruit Juice

Cut the fruit and take out the pulp
Add water to let the thick consistency loosen up a little
Add sugar to balance the raw tangy taste of the fruit
Add some ice, and blend it all together

Passion Fruit Salad Dressing

Take out the pulp in a pan and heat it over medium level heat
Stir and separate the juice from the seeds and let it cool down
Add passion fruit juice (refer to the recipe above), vinegar, olive oil, salt and honey to it
Blend finely in a food processor
For a week, store this blend in your Liebherr
Take it out and mix it up before using. Your salad dressing is ready!

Passion Fruit Granola Bars

Add maple syrup and cashew butter in a pan
Put the mixture in a bowl, and add some oats and cashews to it
Let the mixture cool for a while. When it’s stiff enough, spread out the dough on a greased baking sheet
Add a passion fruit curd for the filling and spread it evenly with a thin spatula
Top with granola clusters for the topping
Allow it to chill in your Liebherr
Cut into even squares and your granola bars are ready!

This was all about our passion for food! But do you know where the fruit gets its passion from? To stay as refreshing as ever? The vitamins A and C, fibers, antioxidants; and nutrients like magnesium, calcium and phosphorus gives this fruit the energy it needs!

We would definitely recommend you to eat some passion fruit this week! And when you do buy some, you already know the awesome process to enjoy it, don’t you?