Step: 1/11

Soak the wooden skewers in lukewarm water (to prevent burning while cooking).

Step: 2/11

Cut the meat into 2cm cubes.

Step: 3/11

Thread the meat onto the skewers and place them in a flat ovenproof dish or on a baking tray.

Step: 4/11

For the marinade, peel and slice the garlic.

Step: 5/11

Squeeze the juice from the lemon.

Step: 6/11

Mix the garlic with the lemon juice, oregano and oil.

Step: 7/11

Season with salt and pepper.

Step: 8/11

Drizzle the marinade over the skewers. Cover and marinate for at least 2 hours in the fridge.

Step: 9/11

Drain the skewers and place under a hot grill.

Step: 10/11

Brown for about 6-8 minutes, then turn.

Step: 11/11

Grill for another 6-8 minutes until cooked through, turning if needed. Occasionally brush with the marinade and sprinkle with crunched red pepper or paprika. Serve with lemon wedges, tzatziki and flatbread.