Refrigerators have been in existence for many years. Since 1854 to be precise. While that year only saw the invention of ice-making machines, it was only in the year 1913 that the world saw its first household refrigerator. The years vary across the internet, but the 1920s could be the best guess for all of us.

But before diving into any details, don’t you wonder, how life would have been without the existence of this chill technology that is a refrigerator? The food would rot easily, ice cream wouldn’t exist, and mainly the absence of a refrigerator would fail to cater to our most important needs: firstly, the aimless midnight snacking and secondly, the cool breeze of air that’d hit our face when the electricity died on us.

But refrigerators were invented. Maybe not for the issues we consider so significant, but they were. The first fairly popular refrigerator the world saw was the General Electric “Monitor-Top” refrigerator from 1927. Although it took advancement to a new level, a certain share of tweaking was still required. This was solely because it made the use of a harmful and toxic refrigerating medium – Sulfur Dioxide. This is when the team at General Motors took matters in their own hands and tested Freon. They realised this specific refrigerating coolant was safer but not entirely harmless. It was still capable of refrigerant poisoning.

But then came the 1940s. This was the year that marked the entry of refrigerators into the large markets of America. Sales went up and the manufacturing with it too. The 85% of households served as enough evidence to that!

However, the turning point for refrigerators came in the 1950s. A little design direction, along with advanced technology was all the spice it needed to change its mundane appearance. Fridge designing took a modern turn and how! Refrigerators were now being created to match and align with the rest of your furniture. Yes, there did exist a time when refrigerators didn’t match the rest of your kitchen.

From the 1950s, innovation didn’t stop for a second. Larger freezers, bright colours, energy efficient technology, advanced features, french doors, aesthetics, more advanced features and finally, a refrigerator that sorted it all for us. Or in other words, a Liebherr.

And while a few technical terms make us wonder how difficult and tedious the evolution of a refrigerator has been, the mechanism of it on the other hand, is the exact opposite. The mechanism of a refrigerator only gets easier when you have a Liebherr. Sorted compartments, temperature control, ease of access are a few things that Liebherr brings with it. When you have all this in one refrigerator, there shouldn’t be a need for trying and testing others, right?

Nevertheless, right from ice making machines to having conversations with its owners, refrigerators have come a long way.

Who knows, maybe, the next one may even start writing blogs.