Liebherr’s SoftSystem soft-closing mechanism provides appliances quiet and convenient door closure, and also supports high levels of energy efficiency and security.

We’re sure you’re familiar with the following kitchen scenario: you close a drawer or door with a little too much force and the resulting slam makes you wish you hadn’t!

Even worse, if it was the refrigerator door that you were a bit too forceful with, there’s a shudder and a rattle, and you wonder what damage you’ve done! At this point you think: I wish I had soft-closing on that!

Liebherr understands this type of situation very well and therefore offers SoftSystem closing on several of its models. Not only does SoftSystem ensure that the appliance door closes extremely quietly and gently (even if the door shelves are fully stocked), it also provides automatic door closure from a designated opening angle. We’ve all been to the fridge to find something and then given the door a light shove to close it again, only to realise, some time later on, that the door didn’t close fully and warm air has been flooding in! SoftSystem soft-closing prevents this from happening, as, in such circumstances, the door automatically closes, preventing the door from staying open too long and preventing coldness and energy being lost thus contributing significantly to the overall energy efficiency!! Isn’t it really cool?

Automatic closure angles for various appliance types:

Built-in appliances: with built-in refrigerators, freezers and wine appliances (including under-worktop wine cabinets), the door automatically closes upon reaching an opening angle of about 30°.

Softsystem 6

Freestanding appliances: with freestanding refrigerators, freezers and wine appliances, the door automatically closes upon reaching an opening angle of about 30°.


Chest freezers: with chest freezers in the Premium range, SoftSystem soft-closing prevents abrupt closure and the lid automatically closes from an opening angle of about 40°.


An additional benefit of the soft-closing mechanism is a significant reduction in the risk of injury due to doors suddenly falling or slamming shut. After all, just imagine what would happen if you pushed your refrigerator door shut while your fingers were still there… Ouch! It’s not a nice thought!

For more information about our SoftSystem soft-closing, watch this video:

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