Where better to present style and good taste than the heart of the home? Monolith by Liebherr heralds a new era of exclusive and luxurious appliances for your kitchen. This innovative model series makes unique design statements and embodies new dimensions for built-in appliances. With its impressive size, clear lines, innovative functionality and especially quiet operation, Monolith fits into any kitchen design with a seamless elegance.

The next generation of refrigeration

Based on 60 years of innovation and German engineering, Monolith sets new standards for food storage.

Towering at an impressive 2.13m in height, Monolith is the strong and silent type, operating with whisper-quiet efficiency yet delivering powerful refrigeration performance.

Endless possibilities

The Monolith’s special dimension concept makes it possible to combine individual fridges and freezers, creating a capacious Side-by-Side appliance of between a little over 1m – 1.83m in width. You have the option to install the Monolith as a visible design highlight in your kitchen with matt polished stainless steel fronts, or to integrate it invisibly to match your kitchen aesthetic.

A light show for the senses

As soon as you open the Monolith, you are met by the seamlessly integrated LED side lighting which perfectly illuminates the interior. The controllable InfinityLight can be modified individually: during the day the Monolith can be bathed in a soft, bright light, whilst this can be pleasantly dimmed automatically during the night time.

Monolith LED Lighting InfinityLight

InfinityLight can be automatically set for day and night usage.

Flexible and durable storage

Open the door to any fridge in a kitchen showroom or retail store and one of the first things you might try to visualise is whether the door storage is sufficient to safely hold that large bottle of milk or jug of water. With the Monolith, there’s no need to wonder. There’s plenty of space for larger items containing several litres, creating even more space in the interior.

The height-adjustable door and interior storage shelves offer further flexibility still, so you can customise your fridge to suit your changing requirements.

Monolith Door Storage for Milk

Door storage in Monolith is generous.

BioFresh food storage technology

Food waste is a major problem: each household in the UK is currently throwing away an estimated £470 worth of food annually each year.

By harnessing the power of Monolith’s built-in BioFresh technology you can significantly minimise your household food waste. Store a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy with confidence, knowing they will stay fresher for longer compared with standard refrigeration. For example, in BioFresh storage, an iceberg lettuce will stay crisp and fresh for nearly 2 weeks compared with just 5 days in the refrigerator.

The third drawer takes things one step further – with BioFresh-Plus technology, dedicated to storing fish and seafood. Set at -2°C, freshness is assured for even longer. Fresh salmon, for example, can stay fresh for up to 4 days compared to a recommended 1 day storage time in the refrigerator.

Liebherr BioFresh Food Storage in Monolith

Perfectly-organised produce

The FlexSystem ensures food stored in BioFresh is organised and even easier to access, whilst the InfinityBeam LED lighting bathes produce in clear, bright light guaranteeing visibility at all times.

BioFresh works in tandem with the dedicated app (iOS and Android) which provides at-a-glance storage and nutritional information on a wide variety of food items.

Flexsystem BioFresh in Monolith

Cool at every level

In addition to the SuperCool and SuperFrost functions that refrigerate or freeze foods quickly, the PowerCool technology in the Monolith allows cold air to circulate evenly throughout the interior, meaning goods stored in the door remain as cool as everything else. What’s more, the integrated FreshAir activated charcoal filter prevents odours from forming and cleans the incoming air. No more unappetising fridge odours.

Crystal-clear water on tap

A water dispenser on the front of a fridge can spoil the seamless look of your built-in kitchen. Not so with the Monolith. The flush-mounted InfinitySpring inside selected Monolith refrigerators is easy to access whenever you need it and virtually invisible when you don’t. It is also suitable for glass containers of almost any size and the Liebherr filter system ensures crystal-clear water every time.

InfinitySpring Fridge Water Dispenser

The water dispenser contained within selected Monolith models is seamlessly disguised.

A freezer designed with you in mind

The unique design of Monolith’s freezer compartment means that there’s plenty of space in the door to store small and medium-sized food items, leaving the interior shelves free for larger items.

The FrostSafe enclosed removable drawers protect stored food from unwanted air exchange, as well as the loss of cold air when the door is opened. Each transparent drawer sits on telescopic rails for perfect visibility and access.

Freezer compartment Liebherr Monolith

Monolith’s freezer drawers benefit from the FrostSafe design.

Defrosting – a thing of the past

Can you imagine having to defrost the sizeable Monolith? Well, there’s no need. With Liebherr’s NoFrost technology, food is frozen with cooled re-circulated air and humidity is removed. This keeps the freezer compartment ice-free at all times. The process of defrosting your freezer is a thing of the past.

EGN9271 Liebherr Monolith Freezer

EGN9271 Monolith Freezer

One of the most sought-after features in a fridge-freezer is an ice dispenser and the Monolith does not disappoint. The automatic IceMaker creates an impressive 1.6kg of filtered, perfectly-formed ice in 24 hours – and even more when SuperFrost is activated. Ideal for that party or family get-together.

IceMaker automatic ice cube dispenser

IceMaker automatic ice cube dispenser

Thinking outside the box

Monolith was built with the future in mind. The integrated SmartDeviceBox, establishes a connection with your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to remotely activate features like SuperCool or SuperFrost whilst still in the supermarket. On your return home, the Monolith will already be set to rapidly cool or freeze freshly stored produce. Other features include notifying you of doors left open, as well as power cuts, via push messages.

Furthermore, Monolith’s intuitive electronic touch-control full glass panel features a user-friendly full-colour Touch & Swipe display that’s simple to operate.

Liebherr's SmartDeviceBox in Monolith

SmartDeviceBox connects to your smartphone or tablet

We treat our refrigeration products as design and lifestyle objects, an approach that has seen us receive various awards over the years, including the Reddot Design Award and Interior Design Award.

Monolith has won the IF Product Design Award (EKB 9471 fridge and the EGN 9171 freezer models), chosen over 6300 other entries by an independent and international 67-member expert jury.

There’s a host of other features, options and accessories that we haven’t touched on but, like the SoftSystem on Monolith’s sizeable and sturdy doors, it’s time to draw this gently to a close…

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