Do you have a feeling that your freezer isn’t working to its full potential. Don’t want to call service yet? There’s a simple trick to find out!


If you open your freezer compartment to small puddles of water or frozen vegetables that look like a lump rather than a tasty source of vitamins, your freezer might not be working as it should. Maybe someone just left the door open a little too long. Maybe something is not quite as it should be. This simple trick will help you find out!

  1. Put a container with water in your freezer.
  2. Once the water is frozen solid, put a small solid object (e.g. a coin or a small toy) on top of the ice.

If your freezer works perfectly, the object should remain on top of the ice. If the freezer stops running over a longer period of time, suggesting a possible malfunction, the ice will melt. Your object will be enclosed in the ice – or even drop to the bottom of the container.

This trick is especially useful if you are gone for a longer period of time. It’s a quite effective way to check whether your frozen items have been defrosted intermittently. This will not only change the taste, but could be a food safety issue. Time to call service if you return to a object covered in ice!

Liebherr refrigerators have acoustic alarms that will sound when the door is left open, after a power cut or when a significant drop in temperature occurs.